Prabal Gurung Brings Styles to Target

Fashion designer's affordable new clothing line is already selling out two days after its launch.
3:53 | 02/12/13

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Transcript for Prabal Gurung Brings Styles to Target
More fashion for you. Here's one of the hottest fashion collaborations happening. Jennifer lawrence, in one of prabal gurung's gowns on the red carpet. He has joined forces with target, designing affordable looks. They're already selling out. Making them available, if you can find them, to all of us. We have three to show you live. But first, take a look at the story. The latest mad dash for superstar designer prabl guru gurung's new look isn't just for jennifer lawrence and anne hathaway, or for duchess kate and first lady michelle obama. Love, a collection by prabal gurung. Reporter: It's his collection at target for all of us that's causing quite the sensation. It's been two days since the designer's latest launch. And the retailer is struggling to keep the threads in stock. While instagram and twitter are flooded with pictures of shoppers lucky to get their HANDS ON SOMETHING, eBAY IS Filling up with listings. This dress sold for 250 big ones. That's five-times its original price. It was the same phenomenon we saw when missoni hit target stores in 2011, drawing black friday-like crowds. Here he is in the studio. Prabal gurung joining us. Congratulations with this collaboration. Thank you very much. I'm excited to be here. We're excited to have it. And women are excited to get to target asap. Your collection came out two days ago? Yes. And already, it's hard to find. I just found out this morning. I'm really excited that everyone felt the love that I felt while doing the collection. Everyone's buying it. I'm excited about it. Your fashions are worn by some of the hottest women in hollywood and socialites everywhere. Look at what we can get for very affordable prices if we're lucky enough to find it. One of the themes in these looks is love. Yes. It's coming out in february. I thought it was the perfect time to share a little bit of love. The story of how I came here. Love from the industry. And my love for women, who i design for. And love for the city. Tell me about the shorts. Who can wear these? And where would we wear them? With heels, this is called a floral crush. I think anyone with wear it who is confident enough. During the day, just wear a t-shirt. And could wear a hoodie. Or wear it like this and go out on a girls' night out. I love the top. I want -- the top is very gorgeous. We got to take a look at the next -- come on, look two. Love this dress. Sam, we're going to talk to you later about that. I agree with you. That top we looked at was $34.99. This dress, tell me about the style and your inspiration. This is -- we're calling the first day print. For me, the blocking in the solid color kind of -- demonstrates the eye, and gives a suggestion of a little trimmer, slimmer body. And what girl doesn't want that? A suggestion of, I would say, a great body. And I know you have accessories. Shoes. I love these shoes. I love red. And the dress is very tuxedo-like. Yes. We're calling it meet the parents. It's chic classic, timeless, and very perfect for meeting your guy's parents. Prabal gurung. Three of the many looks. How many looks are there? I think 80-plus. Check them out. We'll have more coming up on Bianca: Hi, everybody. 8:27.

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{"duration":"3:53","description":"Fashion designer's affordable new clothing line is already selling out two days after its launch.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"18475294","title":"Prabal Gurung Brings Styles to Target","url":"/GMA/video/prabal-gurung-target-collection-fashion-line-brings-styles-18475294"}