Flashy Faith: Mega-Pastors' Lavish Lives

Pastors in Oxygen's new reality show "Preachers of LA" draw criticism for opulent lifestyles.
1:54 | 07/05/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Flashy Faith: Mega-Pastors' Lavish Lives
7:43, with the new reality show giving new meaning to the phrase practice what you preach. Oxygen's "preachers of l.A." Follows the lifestyle of six megapastors. It has some critics arguing, the show sends a message of flash over faith. Reporter: Reality tv has seen more than its share of feuding housewives. How dare you throw me out. Reporter: Hard-partying 20-somethings. And decadent lifestyles. But this fall, oxygen is introducing a whole new order of reality stars. He wants you to be healed. He wants you well. Reporter: "Preachers of l.A." Follows six, over-the-top men of the cloth. Behind the pulpit and behind the scenes. It's all about truth for me from this point on. The truth about my baby out of wedlock. The truth about my divorce, it happened there's nothing I can do about that. Reporter: A cast of characters ranging from exgang member bishop ron gibson. That's the lowlife. Reporter: To expro skateboarder, jay hazelet. You are part of the family of god. Reporter: But not everybody's ready to give them an amen. On top of faith, "preachers of l.A." Focuses on extravagant wealth and flashy lifestyle. The bible says that -- i believe that. P. Diddy, jay-z. They're not the only ones that should be driving ferraris and living in large houses. Reporter: Critics say that's not the real christianity. You cannot avoid the impression that they are preaching and pastoring for them. And a comment from the producers of the show, we're excited that oxygen has given us the opportunity to produce this compelling series, which offers a glimpse into the multifacetted lyes of six world-renowned and well-respected pastors.

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{"id":19584949,"title":"Flashy Faith: Mega-Pastors' Lavish Lives","duration":"1:54","description":"Pastors in Oxygen's new reality show \"Preachers of LA\" draw criticism for opulent lifestyles.","url":"/GMA/video/preachers-la-reality-series-oxygen-mega-pastors-lavish-19584949","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}