Presidential Candidates Take Holiday Breaks From Campaign Trail

Presidential hopefuls send out family portraits and take political pot-shots five weeks from the first primary.
2:08 | 12/26/15

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Transcript for Presidential Candidates Take Holiday Breaks From Campaign Trail
hard to believe it's going to strengthen the next several hours. All right, india thanks very much. The clock ticks down to the first big battles and Devin Dwyer has the story from the white house. Reporter: You know, the candidates may be off the trail but Donald Trump back tweeting up a storm overnight, a sign this peace and quiet won't last long. On a busy Christmas candidamorning not a candidate was stirring except for Donald Trump. Trump is a member. We see him occasionally but not recently but he's there today. Reporter: The candidates took a break from the campaign trail on Christmas to spend time with their families, some tweeting these holiday portraits. Just five weeks from the first ballots of the 2016 election, it's still a packed republican field. 13 candidates still in the race. In Iowa that critical first caucus state trump and Ted Cruz are neck and neck in the most recent polls. In New Hampshire, the second to vote, it's not even close among republicans, trump out front by double digits. Many say they're still making up their minds, 58% of republicans nationwide said they have not decided which candidate to support. 41% say they have. Donald Trump tweeting on Christmas eve, next year will be an interesting one. I look forward to running against Hillary Clinton, a totally flawed candidate and being her soundly. I hope you'll come caucus. Reporter: Hillary Clinton has been saying not so fast. We shouldn't let anyone bully his way into the presidency. Because that is not who we are as Americans. Reporter: Clinton spent Christmas with her husband bill and daughter Chelsea celebrating news another grandchild is on the way. Can't think of a better day than one with family, food and the best gift of all, a new grandchild on the way. Merry Christmas, Hillary tweeted. Hillary Clinton leads her rivals in every state but one, Bernie sanders hoping to pull off a win in New Hampshire where he holds a slight edge. Bernie sanders will head to Nevada tomorrow one of the first on the campaign trail. Those caucuses weeks away, thank you. Okay, so you thought you

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{"duration":"2:08","description":"Presidential hopefuls send out family portraits and take political pot-shots five weeks from the first primary. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35956643","title":"Presidential Candidates Take Holiday Breaks From Campaign Trail","url":"/GMA/video/presidential-candidates-holiday-breaks-campaign-trail-35956643"}