'Pretty Little Liars' Star's Family Staged Intervention

Troian Bellisario on her struggles with an eating disorder and cutting herself and how she got help.
3:00 | 01/07/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Pretty Little Liars' Star's Family Staged Intervention
Coming up, troian bellisario, one of those stars of the hugely popular abc family show, "pretty little liars," a suspenseful drama about four high school girls entangled in the mystery of a missing classmate. She's dealing with her own permanent drama opening up about an eating disorder and sat down with abbie boudreau. Reporter: Her character spencer hastings is no stranger to drama on abc family's hit show, "pretty little liars." But this morning, 28-year-old troian bellisario is revealing the real-life demons she faced as a teenager suffering from an eating disorder and cutting herself. What were some of the struggles you went through when you were a teenager? What I was dealing with was still trying to fit into the mold of what I thought everybody else wanted me to be. I went down a very, very dangerous path and I honestly believe I wouldn't really be here today if it weren't for a number of incredible people, friends and family. Reporter: Bell saar row echoes that sentiment in "seventeen" saying her family and friends staged an intervention after they read they are journal. For the first time I got to sit across from my parents and say, I'm angry at you and I have a blackness sign side of me and I'm raging right now and I can't ham this. Reporter: Though she won't go into more detail about her past she does say she identifies with her on-screen character in "pretty little liars." She is a perfectionist. The show is intense and I would say like spencer is the intensity of the intense. Reporter: Bellisario promises nothing short of an intense fifth season. The show about four high school girls entangled in the mystery of a missing classmate airs tonight on abc family. I wonder if she spoke to anyone besides us. Like her brother. Maybe swe should be talking to jason. No, we all agreed to not tell anyone. Whoever killed her is still around. What do we expect this season? Because spencer is the detective of the group she takes it upon herself to bring back alison and what she finds is that she's, in fact, more complicit with alison's disappearance. Did you miss me? Outside of the hit tv show bellisario wrote, produced and starred in a short film, "exiles," a modern twist on romeo and juliet. And I'm out here starving. Reporter: But it's her co-stars on "pretty little liars" who she says have become her second family. We are just always so supportive of each other. My partners in crime, my sisters and my adorable, lovable friends. Reporter: Are you comfortable in your own skin now? No way. Reporter: So just one day at a time. Yeah, just one day daat a time. We appreciate troian all the best. See the winter premiere of "pretty little liars" tonight, 8:00 central on abc family.

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{"id":21446437,"title":"'Pretty Little Liars' Star's Family Staged Intervention","duration":"3:00","description":"Troian Bellisario on her struggles with an eating disorder and cutting herself and how she got help.","url":"/GMA/video/pretty-liars-star-troian-bellisarios-family-stage-intervention-21446437","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}