'Pretty Little Liars' Takes Over Twitter

The cast of the hit show offer a sneak peek at the show's finale.
3:00 | 03/18/14

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Transcript for 'Pretty Little Liars' Takes Over Twitter
? ? I have been looking forward to this. Talk about social superstars. "Pretty little liars" cast has taken over "Gma" just like they took over Twitter. Their show is the most tweeted TV series show for two years running. Inspiring nearly 17 million tweets in 2013 alone. Before we catch up with the cast here is your 411 on pll. Did you like that? Yeah. Reporter: They may be pretty but aria, Hanna, Marion and Spencer are wrapped in an ugly web of lies. Deceit. I'm not the one hiding things. Reporter: And murder. Buried alive. Reporter: And now the twisted tale of "Pretty little liars" is the most talked about show on Twitter. The season four winter debut generating 30,000 tweets per minute. At one point, 1.3 million total making it the most tweeted show in history. Viewers chiming in as the four hero wines for their friend's death and hunt for "A," the allege the culprit tormenting them for years. And I know everything. "A." But did Allie fake her death and who was she hiding from? Tweeters, get ready for the biggest "Pretty little liars" finale ever. You're like, dda,da. D.a. We're so happy to have Lucy hale, Ashley Benson, troian Bellisario, shay Mitchell and Sasha pieterse. Good morning. How excited are you. You can tell by the people outside they're excited about the season finale. Are you ready to share with folks? Oh, it's about time. I think we definitely are. Yeah. Yes. It's a big episode. We like a lot of secrets and answers so I think we're all satisfied. I think the fans are especially going to be extremely happy. We're happy because you gave us a little sneak peek so we'll show a little bit of the season finale of "Pretty little liars." Here it is. Allie's mom is the one who stole the key from Mona. You think she is? You don't seem surprised. It's complicated. Complicated. That's a word to use here. I knew you weren't dead. I'm just going to come clean there. I'm glad. We are too. I heard that in the finale that you really got emotional. It was emotional time for you. I think we all did. Yeah. But, yeah, I had a heck of a time doing that. But I'm excited for everyone to see it because I think everyone needs to see the emotional side of Alison too. She's vulnerable and been a victim. Not mean all around. Yeah. Answers. Our questions, are they going to be answered? There's going to be a lot of questions that are answered, but, you know, in the nature of our show that, you know -- It only raises more questions. That's the beauty of it. Yes. I have to say your character's love interest, come on. So is there a chance you'll reconcile? You know what, we actually start filming the fifth season in like less than a week and they sort of keep us in the dark so I actually have no idea what's going to happen which is really cool, exciting. I'm like right there along with the audience but anything is possible. We'll see. What has shocked you the most? We are shocked watching when you get the script and when you're hearing about it, what is really jumping out at you and you dropped your jaw? Everything in the finale, someone either dies or goes missing. I'm like really the only one that never reads the script so I go through my parts quick Len and I'm like, oh my god. Ashley, that's a big moment. Oh, that's the moment. I'm always very surprised. But, yeah, the season finales are always -- they have good cliffhangers and especially this episode we find out a lot about what happened to Allie. And "A." Troian, I heard you want your character to be a little darker. Is that the phrase that you use that you want it to go -- I don't think I really need to want that anymore. I think the great thing that the writers have given me over the season is with all of the girls is that they don't just stereotype us and I think especially as the resident type "A" perfectionist on the show Spencer has definitely had her huge series of flaws and breakdowns and she's always had a fragility and a darkness to her. Well, all of you have done that and shay, your character, beautiful how it's all been presented. Thank you. And just helping a lot of kids. Really help a lot of kids dealing with their sexual identity. I think it's amazing. Also like I always say, the fact it's on ABC family is so great because there are so many gir answer boys watching it with their family so it's a bridge to the conversation but it'll be interesting. Yes. Interesting, you know, we have so many Twitter followers. They sent us a bunch of questions so we'll do a lightning round called pretty little answers so the first thing that comes up. Who is the biggest social media butterfly? Ashley. No. I think between you two. Yeah. Maybe. I don't know. Yeah, maybe both. Oh, my gosh. Who spends the pose time in hair and makeup. Shay. And honesty. Honesty. Yeah, whatever. Yeah, yeah, yeah. No, I agree with that. Who is the biggest prankster on set? Ashley. Unison. Who has secretly kept a souvenir from the set? All of us. You took some things. You did too. Her Spencer for president -- Oh. Okay, and the final question, whose dressing room should be declared a disaster area? Shay's. Oh. I always -- mine is pretty clean. Yeah. Ah. Mine is half painted. I always go in Ashley's. You are a sheer delight all of you and thank you so much again and we're very excited about tonight. The season finale of "Pretty little liars" airs tonight at 8:00 eastern, 7:00 central on ABC family and just for our "Gma" viewers, wait a minute, we have part one of the code word that you're going to need in order to unlock exclusive spoilers about the summer season part 1 of the code is Marlene. Marlene. That's the first one. Part 2 of the code will appear on screen near the end of tonight's episode so be sure to watch. Put the codes together then head over to #pl lchlt pllsneakpeek.com.

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{"id":22953069,"title":"'Pretty Little Liars' Takes Over Twitter","duration":"3:00","description":"The cast of the hit show offer a sneak peek at the show's finale.","url":"/GMA/video/pretty-liars-takes-twitter-22953069","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}