'Pretty Woman' Dress Code Presentation Stirs Controversy

Students at Devils Lake High School were shown clips from the hit ‘90s movie to illustrate “what not to wear.”
2:27 | 10/06/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Pretty Woman' Dress Code Presentation Stirs Controversy
We want to start with the morning stir. People are talking about school dress codes. One high school in North Dakota under fire for the way they not so subtly suggested that girls avoid tight pants. Reporter: It's the humiliating moment in "Pretty woman" Julia Roberts getting kick T out for inappropriate dress. Look, I got money to spend in here. I don't think we have anything for you. Please leave. Reporter: But returning the next day in designer duds to a warmer welcome. I was in here yesterday, you wouldn't wait on me. Oh. You work on commission, right? Yes. Big mistake. Reporter: Now those scenes causing an outcry after a school played them at a dress code seminar. They were encourage urging students from wearing tight yoga pants and leggings. The clip showed the teens how you are in charge of what you project. I get like how that lady was judged by what she was wearing. The message it's sending to the girls is that they dress like prostitutes. Reporter: The devil's lake principal later admitted showing the clip was a poor choice. Across the country, students are protesting public shaming. This message is telling gi iing boys if a girl is dressed in a provocative way, they have a green light to behave any way they want. Reporter: In mj mj, one strict and shorts at fingertip length solty sparked -- policy parked a call to action. The dress code focuses more on girls than boys. That's when we realized this needed to stop. We started to take action. Reporter: Well school dress codes have been around for generations. What is different is how they're enforced. If you go to the hash tag iammorethanadistraction. They call it slut-shaming in some places. It's time for "Motivate me Monday." Today we meet an inspiring couple making sacrifices to serve their country with

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{"duration":"2:27","description":"Students at Devils Lake High School were shown clips from the hit ‘90s movie to illustrate “what not to wear.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"25991293","title":"'Pretty Woman' Dress Code Presentation Stirs Controversy","url":"/GMA/video/pretty-woman-dress-code-presentation-shows-school-fashion-25991293"}