Prince George, Kate Middleton Looks Selling Out

Royal tour of New Zealand and Australia is turning into a fashion tour de force.
2:42 | 04/10/14

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Transcript for Prince George, Kate Middleton Looks Selling Out
Kate, will, George, making headlines everywhere they go. And as usual, the princess' outfits are causing a fashion frenzy. So are prince George's, even. Cecilia Vega is in Australia. Good morning, Cecilia. Reporter: The trips are so much about diplomacy, hand shaking and waving. But really, we're watching the one thing, the fashion. Another Kate sighting. Another fashion frenzy. The duchess going glam overnight at the first state reception of this royal tour down under. Her jenny Packham dress with a beaded fern on the soldier, a nod to Australian's national symbol. As soon as Kate wears something, it's immediately sold out. Reporter: Just hours after she wore this dress to a royal play date in New Zealand with prince George on Wednesday, it royally sold out. $450 each, nowhere in stock. Where there is hobnobbing with "The lord of the rings" director, peter Jackson, who joined the couple at an aviation museum earlier in the day, or laying a wreath to commemorate world war I, this has been a trip of fashion hits. She is princess perfection. Looking strikingly similar to another princess. Kate landing in New Zealand this week, regal in red. Princess Diana, landing here three decades ago. Coincidence? There's no doubt that Kate is very conscious of her history and very conscious of her mother-in-law. Reporter: Kate's fashion accessory of choice, a little bring bling. The palace requested these from this shop in New Zealand. Price, $600. There's a new fashion icon in the family. From the $15 gap pants that Kate bought George for the trip. To the $100 overalls for his first official tour of duty. One thing is certain, baby George likes his boy shorts, just like his dad did on his first trip down under. I hope George doesn't keep you up. He has been known to be particularly vocal at 3:00 A.M. And I swear I had him doing the haka this morning. Reporter: Oh, and yes. William is here, too. He wore a nice suit. Fashion is definitely front page news here. I don't know about you guys. You won't be seeing me in one of the pill box hats anytime soon. About that bling, what do you think, guys? Can I put that on my expense report? Let me know how that works for you. A little Jackie O. There. Her fashion choices have been fantastic. It's amazing how people know who the designer is and everything sells out.

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{"id":23270791,"title":"Prince George, Kate Middleton Looks Selling Out","duration":"2:42","description":"Royal tour of New Zealand and Australia is turning into a fashion tour de force.","url":"/GMA/video/prince-george-kate-middleton-selling-23270791","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}