Prince George's First Royal Playdate

His Royal Highness makes an appearance with other babies in his first official trip abroad.
2:14 | 04/09/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Prince George's First Royal Playdate
Reporter: Good morning. Behind me is the house where the Royals are staying. It's the governor's mansion. Baby George on his first official order of business on this tour down under. A royal play date. There's prince George, surrounded this morning by his royal subjects, a bunch of babies. All eyes were on his royal chubbiness, who is already mastering crawling. Maybe even ready to walk. He's not a huge fan of blocks. And George has some work to do when it comes to the ladies. This little girl, not so interested when he tried to hold hands. She might regret that one day. William and Kate are trying as much as possible to give prince George a Normal upbringing. Obviously, it's exciting to take him in a Normal play group in the U.K. Reporter: The babies selected to meet the prince, all about his same age. The first-time parents included two gay dads. He is a lovely little boy. He's very intrepid. Reporter: Everyone hoping their child wouldn't be the one to bite or smack the future king. He handed out the biggest toy. And, yeah. He owned the place, basically. Reporter: It was the first official engagement on a three-week royal tour down under. This play date, a modern version of prince William's royal crawl-about, during his inaugural visit to New Zealand three decades ago. Like father, like son. Two heirs to the throne who look like they know exactly what they want. In this morning's play date, just slightly overshadowed by their royal offspring, the duke and duchess were there, too, making sure the prince played night. Prince William said baby George is now teething. And he's the one who gives George a bottle every night. And puts him to bed. Lara, one prince tucking in another. Absolutely. Thank you so much, Cecilia. I love the side-by-side shots. Really. Strong resemblance. I'll bet no one stole prince George's toys, though.

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{"id":23253053,"title":"Prince George's First Royal Playdate","duration":"2:14","description":"His Royal Highness makes an appearance with other babies in his first official trip abroad.","url":"/GMA/video/prince-george-royal-highness-playdate-23253053","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}