Will and Kate Take New Zealand by Storm

The royal couple is touring New Zealand and Australia for three weeks.
2:29 | 04/12/14

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Transcript for Will and Kate Take New Zealand by Storm
royal road trip rolling on down under. Prince William and duchess Kate and, of course, the scene-stealing baby, prince George, getting rave reviews on their tour of New Zealand. And Cecilia Vega is following along. Reporter: Good morning to you. New Zealand is in the middle of royal mania, as you can see behind me here. And yes, will and Kate have been touring this country like a-list celebrities. But really, there's some serious work to be done here, too. It was a day for the duchess to mingle with princesses. Hey. Hi. You look fancy. Reporter: This morning, Kate Middleton made her first solo stop during this three-week tour down under, visiting a children's hospice in New Zealand. The future queen of England, overheard chatting with kids, having a tea party. We're having a tea party. Reporter: Talking paintings. And I think it's very. What's your name? Hi, duke. Reporter: And mingling royal-style, with mad hatter characters. Hello, everybody. Reporter: Caring for sick children, highlighting the work of children's hospices, is a cause close to Kate's heart. And it is also a legacy left by princess Diana, whose charity work with sick children earned her the unofficial title, queen of hearts. The images from one generation to the next, nearly identical. But royal watchers say, not all the comparisons are fair. They are actually very, very different. She's much more self-assured than Diana was. And she also does want to do things differently. Reporter: This couple, not so united a day earlier, when Kate crushed the future king in two sailing races. But after their solo stops this morning, the duke and duchess reunited to tour a cycling arena. The real star of the show, baby George, stayed behind with the royal nanny. But his parents did receive a gift to bring home. A miniature bike and helmet, fit for a prince. So much of the trip has been about fashion. Today, a woman told Kate she liked her in the green jacket she was wearing. She said, while she likes that jacket, too, her husband thought that jacket was too bright. So, even the prince joining in on the chorus of people talking about Kate's clothes.

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{"id":23301378,"title":"Will and Kate Take New Zealand by Storm","duration":"2:29","description":"The royal couple is touring New Zealand and Australia for three weeks.","url":"/GMA/video/prince-william-kate-middleton-zealand-storm-23301378","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}