Prince's ex-wife Mayte Garcia opens up about life with the late pop icon

Garcia appears live on "GMA" to discuss her new memoir and her marriage to the late musician.
5:01 | 04/04/17

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Transcript for Prince's ex-wife Mayte Garcia opens up about life with the late pop icon
And we are back now with prince's first wife, mate Garcia. And it's been nearly a year since prince's death but now mate is opening up about life with the legend in her new memoir, "The most beautiful: My life with prince." And she and prince were together for ten years and he wrote this song about her. ??? The most beautiful girl in the world ??? ??? could you be ??? ??? plain to see ??? Prince calling her or you the most beautiful girl in the world. Welcome, mate. Thank you. This is one of many songs that he wrote about you. Yeah. I know that you couldn't have talked about this a long time ago. I'm sure there were offers. Why now? This is kind of for me an honor to him and what we had. It's a beautiful story. And I just wanted -- I know, you know, such a tragic loss and it happened so sudden that I wanted also before a lot of other people had their story, I wanted to share something as intimate and loving, so -- Really a love steer between you two. Your relationship, how it started, just the whole progression of it. And what do you think is going to surprise readers the most? I mean it's going to be -- there's a lot of funny things in there like him taking my clothes and my makeup? Actually taking your clothe, not just taking them but actually altering them for him to wear. Yeah and then putting it back into nye closet and me going, wait. These -- they're -- he would walk away. Took my clothes again. You know, things like that and, you know, another thing is it was important for me because I want -- I know prince, you know, we had some tragic stuff happen in our life and I know he wants to celebrate his life and I know -- I feel this book is that as well. Tragically his life ended tragically with a drug overdose and how much did you know? Did you know about his drug use back then? Nope. I mean it's in my book. I had some small things that happened, but it was never something that I was aware of, never saw it. He was a machine. He was a machine. He just -- music kept him going. That was his drug. That's what I knew. And when you talk about tragedy I think the biggest tragedy when you read this book is about your son amir that you had together. Yeah. And how was it writing about that? That's what is as personal as you can get. It was really hard but also it was very liberating and healing and also honoring of him because it just for so many years I held it in and sharing it, you know, I know when I lost -- when we lost amir I read a lot of books that helped moo he and I'm hoping that somebody will read this and it'll help them, as well because miscarriages, it's horrible. I don't wash it on my worst enemy. And your case having it but then you had to hide it for awhile and was that your way of coping with it? Was it his way of coping with it. It was his. I mean, it's not like, you know, I wanted to go on any kind of news thing and be like, hey, you know, this happened. But it was just escalated because it was -- it was prince's son and it was our son and it was -- but it was how he handled it and I respected that. And have you gotten any feedback from this book because there are a lot of people out there who are big print fans are so afraid that will write something that tarnishes his feedback. I've gotten good and people that think that, you know, he was a very private person and to keep that but I always say this when I was with him, it was the time he was the most public and he shared our love story and I feel that I'm doing -- I'm honoring that. It's nothing bad, it's coming from love. And he had a part of him that wanted to just kind of be Normal. Yeah, I mean he did "Oprah," he did "The muppets" when I was with him and he wanted that side as well. And one quick last question. What is your favorite prince memory? Oh, man, telling him I was pregnant. He was watching a game or something and I remember calling him over and he wouldn't come over and I was like, hey, and he looked at me and when I told him his face was like -- it was amazing. It was funny. I tell you what, anyone who reads this book is going to be amazed. It's truly a love story between you two and congratulations and good luck. Thank you so much. Thank you for joining us today. "The most beautiful: My life with prince" is available now. Make sure you go out there and get it.

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{"duration":"5:01","description":"Garcia appears live on \"GMA\" to discuss her new memoir and her marriage to the late musician.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"46559029","title":"Prince's ex-wife Mayte Garcia opens up about life with the late pop icon","url":"/GMA/video/princes-wife-mayte-garcia-opens-life-late-pop-46559029"}