Princess Diana's Death: Officials Look Into New Info

British police take a close look at information that could shed a new light on the royal's death.
2:36 | 08/18/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Princess Diana's Death: Officials Look Into New Info
Story that has royal watchers buzzing the end of this month will mark sixteen years since Princess Diana died in a car crash. Well now the conspiracy theories are back with -- British police taking a close look at some information that could shed new light on her death. ABC's -- -- has the details from London -- neck. -- -- -- good morning take a look at this in newspaper after newspaper this morning news seemingly shocking details. About how Princess Diana died the police long ago dismissed all the conspiracy theories. And yet still so many people here believe they don't really know what happened that night in Paris. August the 31 1997. Diana and Dodi plot to leave the -- hoping to ditch the paparazzi. They talk with their driver who drunk three times the legal limit and then the cameraman and the tunnel crash. British police any three year seven million dollar investigation all concluded their deaths were accident. There was no conspiracy to Melinda. Any occupants. Of that come. But now the conspiracies are back new information about the circumstances surrounding the Paris car crash. This morning British media report there's a new allegation Diana fayed and the driver were murdered by British special forces and it was all covered up. No matter that the source is a former soldiers -- in laws whenever you bring in stories about special forces personnel. Then then immediately you've got the prospect of of -- red hot story. And there's a little bit of a conspiracy theorist in me and all of us. I EST and -- conspiracy theories even this one's been around but says Diana's former private secretary it must be investigated. Imagine if American weapons that I have evidence. New evidence about the Kennedy assassination. Would -- say forget about it's obviously not true -- -- investigate. Okay. Even in the movies in the soon to be released Diana a mysterious reference to that fateful -- week. You know that he -- this -- feeling the blues can. That trip her death her life it all still -- And that's why sixteen years later despite all the investigations. We still want to know what really happened that night -- -- And this morning Buckingham Palace declining any comment Scotland Yard says quote. Scoping out the new information and guys. Look at these newspapers again this is simply a story that we cannot turn away from -- -- fifteen years later.

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{"duration":"2:36","description":"British police take a close look at information that could shed a new light on the royal's death.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19993192","title":"Princess Diana's Death: Officials Look Into New Info","url":"/GMA/video/princess-dianas-death-officials-info-19993192"}