Princess Kate speaks out on motherhood, mental health awareness

Kate, 35, also addressed the London terrorist attack, at the launch of the "Out of the Blue" film series.
4:27 | 03/23/17

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Transcript for Princess Kate speaks out on motherhood, mental health awareness
The fight again. I knew that usually want strain means sending out for some past. Two days not the effect by guests at day's tab that's tough. We'll be thinking of all of the companies as we discussed the important issues we hit book. I'd like I'm Beth beginnings invite me hand tinted DC asks if these series. This collection of sounds high night's home plate though it is to be a thing about comment commitments were. Especially in the ideas apparent it. Passed me becoming a mother has been thought to reporting and one to experience. How about at times it's mostly being a huge times. Even if me who has support saying that makes mother to note. Nothing can radiate a pay for the sick overwhelming experience was me it's my mother. It is but it context emissions of chewing. Extortion. Left Mari or mixed together. He'll fundamental identity changes it a night. He gave him think hit Sosa as primarily an into the true. To suddenly being a mother fast and woman's. And yet there is named boo. Nate Wright all room. He just tough to make it out. And do the very best she can kick capped field me. The many Muppets myself and treat it. This panic times. The Tet lack of confidence and feeding thick and passed them. Slightly to some others. This expanse could be made so much contact. TT challenges without arraignment of how. Two in ten women. Will suffer mental health issues that connect cut during pregnancy in the year the often catching them minutes of joy. With a real sense of darkness and I sedation. Many of these women all assays suffering Simon's. Overwhelmed by negative feedings. But do so afraid to admit to that struck they might be fate thing. Due to the Fed shame of what others might think and it. Some of this thing. It's about the passion to get traffic patterns. Attending will all connecting traffic fee and loving every minute that. It is going to took mile does a wonderful thing. But. We will see need to talk to stress and strains. Its Kate not find it easy. And asking for how signal be seen as a sign of weakness. If any of us Kota fetus during pregnancy. We seek advice and support from a ducks. Getting help with elements of how this Nate different. I've Tutan need to tip off trusts us and gets a pool we need. Compensations a crucial. Krista from went mental well being. And they should be it pontiff every day from the united. Talking about a problem with the friends or another trusted Hudson. Can be the beginning at guessing that's. This week but be that puts Muppets day. I'd love to see him on senate race and by. The fundamental importance that modest pay and mother take on an overwhelming responsibility of carrying that Anthony's. That role is fights. In providing unconditional love cats and supports paying. It take to be in the against the child's development. We then push to do everything we can to support and fattened hot. The welcome back beginnings advice. But the fighting tools and resources to help parents established having confidence. And that a self awareness. That's beginnings and Naples mothers Khan's office. To do the best they can for that company's.

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{"duration":"4:27","description":"Kate, 35, also addressed the London terrorist attack, at the launch of the \"Out of the Blue\" film series.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"46326678","title":"Princess Kate speaks out on motherhood, mental health awareness","url":"/GMA/video/princess-kate-speaks-motherhood-mental-health-awareness-46326678"}