Prom Has Gone to the Dogs

Fancy dress and dancing is no longer just for humans.
1:11 | 05/22/13

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Transcript for Prom Has Gone to the Dogs
-- and also write if not just the human students getting into -- -- we might check out these festive. Harmed us she's on these reverend -- promise not all over the country there to see. Best friends pet hair -- -- the -- party. And -- hosting similar amounts across the country -- a dog that Americans can celebrate spring and style that should know how much we love to see that had the inclination now about the nature on a. We know we win we're I think -- it's been assisted Berlin when I say don't dress you. At exit eleven there and club had a you're lucky you're looking for fifteen years on athletes and thousands and hum and I I have to say -- put a couple jackets on. A couple times even had a visor -- good thing. It out of American flag fight -- -- about Hillary all the little guy with a breakfast at night it a case that we you've you've put coats on just the cuts because girls like you broke like that got a little -- No thank you and then. You as a dog address -- dog Dresser I mean do you do things for women. Yeah now what do you get an -- would -- it would and -- you have a woman you're like that you do things to get away from a -- leaving harrowing. I go back and the other --

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{"id":19232641,"title":"Prom Has Gone to the Dogs","duration":"1:11","description":"Fancy dress and dancing is no longer just for humans.","url":"/GMA/video/prom-2013-dresses-suits-worn-dogs-doggy-prom-19232641","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}