Phillip Phillips's Big Surprise for Girl Who Asked Him to Prom

Carly Meyers wrote her own version of "Gone Gone Gone" to invite the singer to "Prom Prom Prom."
2:53 | 04/24/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Phillip Phillips's Big Surprise for Girl Who Asked Him to Prom
mic." You have your own little segment. I have to get in somehow. It is "Open Mike" time, everybody. Every time I'm on "Gma," I'm going to bring you something incredible on "Open Mike." You never know what's happening. I don't know what's coming. It might be a stunt or heartwarming. It's epic prom week here on "Gma." To kick off this series, it's a prom-posal. Prom-posals are all the rage. A very talented woman, Carly myers. She wrote a song for her favorite superstar. And she based it on the song "Gone, gone, gone." Carly's song is "Prom, prom, prom." It's a prom-posal to Phillip Phillips himself. It's gotten thousands of hits. Take a look for yourself. ♪ ♪ will you please take me to prom, prom, prom ♪ That great is that? We have a special guest joining us now. Carly, come on out. How are you? Look at that smile. We all love your prom-posal. Thank you. We wish these things were around when we were in school. Why did you ask Phillip Phillips? Well, when I thought of my dream prom date, I always thought of him. And I love writing songs. I love his songs. I put it together. Did it for fun. Secretly hoping he would see it. Can you play a few bars for us right now? Sure. A little taste. ♪ I love you long for you ♪ ♪ for you ♪ Yes. You know, we're huge fans of yours here at "Gma." We found another fan of yours. Check out this video. What's up, Carly? My friends at "Good morning America" sent me your incredible prom proposal. And it sounded so lovely. But, sadly, I won't be able to make it. So, instead, I'm going to give you and your friends for tickets to my show at the pnc bank arts center on July 12th. I can't wait to see you and hear all about your prom. So, I'll see you soon.

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{"id":23451594,"title":"Phillip Phillips's Big Surprise for Girl Who Asked Him to Prom","duration":"2:53","description":"Carly Meyers wrote her own version of \"Gone Gone Gone\" to invite the singer to \"Prom Prom Prom.\"","url":"/GMA/video/prom-posal-phillip-phillips-big-surprise-girl-asked-23451594","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}