'Property Brothers' Show You How to Customize a Night Stand

Jonathan and Drew Scott take it from drab to fab with supplies from your home improvement store.
4:09 | 11/15/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Property Brothers' Show You How to Customize a Night Stand
A portrait Jonathan -- a vision TV's property Brothers have you ever been out there trying to find the perfect piece of furniture for your -- you can't find it. Our suggestion wanted to make fit well with the easiest for me -- your brother negatively contractor that's right we got a message from some of the things happening create something as simple as. Nightstand we're gonna show you how to do it and it all starts -- what we're gonna -- for something that's. Simple clean lines kind of mid century modern he has and the first thing you want to do -- -- your way to make sure -- there any imperfections we know that's going to be an undersized. We're gonna create. Two panels at 23 inches long by eighteen -- the top and the bottom and two panels that are ten inches by -- -- will be the two sides. -- my nerves shall bring all the tools will present the governor. -- pro today. Contractor and training. I can't stress enough how important it is the planet project in advance even if it's a simple project I have all the tools that any and all of the materials and a little bit of extra kids have expanded its cuts. A bigger government -- Cutler threw them and that's why got a plan for the -- I'm perfect that's all right but this woman. Hollywood did -- Wearing a -- is not a good idea when you were my parents not -- -- all the cutting holes. We're gonna have all the time -- -- besides burst excellent here's. -- -- -- We're gonna drill the holes are probably before on either side. You can see here about a minute defection and this is going to be the top of the table I want that down we'll get over. It's probably the best service right here and then of course once everything's finished being sanded off with -- -- the scene. Really. -- in that will be nice and tight. One start measuring. For where legs are gonna go through -- bought. What about talking points for doing it. We drove three holes on either side -- in and we also -- to make sure that it was a news. Connection it's going to be difficult operating table for the bottom we just mentored him. Two and a quarter inches from other corner. Markers interval that can be used one of the -- that we -- Basically created the circle where we won it. Through this same procedure we're gonna -- team we're gonna screw together we'll do about flipping it upside down. Like -- you made it look like treatment that ultimately you know three -- -- I prepped to turn it -- cut the angle. It takes many hands. -- Who two. Quote. Here. Maybe -- halted real properly. Can turn and it makes might be the people who trying to give us that that's when -- start. Big mistake that's when -- -- the woods. -- -- -- You don't want to over -- when you're working with furniture is you can split the woods -- damages doesn't look good also we wanted to -- Henderson just enough that we can -- the holes. And then what you'll never -- -- through there. -- say it. -- -- -- -- You ready for this. And there you have it beautiful piece of furniture didn't cost us anything and it's pretty perfect -- it's not perfect. Yeah they're not perfect and if you have any questions you need information all the details are here is a great way to save a lot of money and have -- weekend project -- -- be product that's bracelet. -- -- thank thank you. Fifty bucks fifty box.

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{"duration":"4:09","description":"Jonathan and Drew Scott take it from drab to fab with supplies from your home improvement store.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20895256","title":"'Property Brothers' Show You How to Customize a Night Stand","url":"/GMA/video/property-brothers-show-customize-night-stand-20895256"}