Prosecutor to Oscar Pistorius: 'Take Responsibility'

Oscar Pistorius was back on the stand being grilled by "bull-terrier" prosecutor Gerrie Nel.
4:11 | 04/10/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Prosecutor to Oscar Pistorius: 'Take Responsibility'
First, we start out with the latest on the trial of Oscar Pistorius, on the stand for the second day of brutal cross-examination. This morning, ABC's Matt Gutman is at the courthouse in Pretoria, South Africa, with the very latest. Good morning, Matt. Reporter: Good morning, Amy. That's right. Just a few moments ago, we saw the lead prosecutor going in for the kill. Asking Oscar Pistorius, the central question of the trial. Why did he fire four bullets into THA bathroom door? And Oscar Pistorius, amazingly, unable to answer whether he meant to shoot or not. Prosecutor gerrie nel, sinking his teeth into Pistorius' character. Your life is just about you. What's important to Oscar. Reporter: Insisting the blade runner is incapable of accepting responsibility. You just refuse to take responsibility for yourself. A good example of you not taking responsibility for what you did. Reporter: Not only for shooting dead his reality star girlfriend, reeva steenkamp on Valentine's day last year, but for accidentally firing a gun in a crowded restaurant. But this morning, Pistorius now saying his finger was never on the trigger. I don't recall how the firearm went off, my lady. I know my finger was not on the trigger. Reporter: The prosecutor bouncing. Everything is bothering you except the gun. Except the miracle that the gun went off without somebody touching the trigger. Reporter: Then, attacking pris Russ for his apology to reeva steenkamp's family Monday. Did you think how they would feel if you do it sitting in public, in the glare of everybody, Mr. Pistorius. Now, you say that. Reporter: What you haven't seen for the last 2 1/2 days that Oscar Pistorius has been sitting right here, is the cushion he's been sitting on, the roll of toilet paper he uses when he sobs. And the bucket he sometimes has to wretch in. Reeva steenkamp's mother breaking her silence to "The daily mirror." I'm obsessed with looking at him. It's instinctive. The prosecutor dodging the messages between the two, saying the one that Pistorius loved was himself. She's referring to the picking on her. I agree, my lady. That also is untrue. Because that refers to picking. Two things where she lied. Reporter: The prosecutor implying it was Pistorius, not the woman he killed, who was lying. Now, the purpose of all of this is to knock Oscar Pistorius off-balance. And in court, we could see how physically uncomfortable he looked. A nightmare for him this cross-examination is just beginning. That pit bull prosecutor is just now beginning to dig into the weak parts of his story. Amy? Matt Gutman, we thank you very much. ABC's chief legal affairs anchor, Dan Abrams, for more on this. He is honing in on the text messages opinion. Yeah. They exchanged. And the prosecutor's introduced this, saying some of them are very incriminating. She said at one point, she was scared of him. Some of the cross-examination has been more effective than other points. He's getting bogged down a little bit in some of the minutia about the texts. But there's very valid points he's making here. In particular, Oscar Pistorius is saying, in response to why she would have written I'm scared of sometimes, he said, she was scared of her feelings about me. I think the prosecutor's been very effective in talking about almost his obsession with her. How upset he got when she was flirting, et cetera. Those are very important points in the context. Creating possible motive there. And we heard the judge saying, you just don't want to accept responsibility for anything. He's focusing on the guns, weapons, ammunition charges that Pistorius is facing. I think it's crucial here, right? He's not admitting when a gun went off in a restaurant that was in his hand, that he pulled the trigger. He's not admitting that ammunition that is illegal found in his house, is legally his responsibility. Again and again, he's denying responsibility. And keep in mind, that could be problematic more broadly in the context of the murder case, as well. And we hear there is more to come in cross-examination. Dan Abram, thank you.

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{"duration":"4:11","description":"Oscar Pistorius was back on the stand being grilled by \"bull-terrier\" prosecutor Gerrie Nel.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23273263","title":"Prosecutor to Oscar Pistorius: 'Take Responsibility'","url":"/GMA/video/prosecutor-oscar-pistorius-responsibility-23273263"}