Protesters Scale Roof on Buckingham Palace Grounds

The two protesters, from the fathers' rights group Fathers for Justice, remained on the roof for a few hours before surrendering to police.
2:09 | 11/30/15

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Transcript for Protesters Scale Roof on Buckingham Palace Grounds
I downloaded all of it. The stunning security breach at Buckingham palace. The center of so many joyous moments for the royal family. Two protesters climbing on to the roof of the building and staying up there for hours. Lama Hasan is outside the palace with the latest. Good morning. Reporter: That's rights, robin. Good morning to you. The question this morning, with Europe on high alert and the the terror threat level in the country at one of its highest, how could two men break into the grounds here at Buckingham palace, the the queen's residence, and stay here for more than six hours? Overnight, the two men carrying a ladder, casually walking up to Buckingham palace's Gates. They enter the queen's sprawling estate. Scaling the wall and accessing the queen's public art gallery. Unfurling their banner, protesting fathers' rights to see their kids. They sit there for more than six hours. The authorities in London have to ask how on et this could happen when we're at the height of security that we are. Reporter: It's not the first time Buckingham palace has a security breach. Several unwanted guests over the years. In 2004, this father from the same protest group, fathers for justice, dressed as Batman, ma making it to the palace's front balcony. And this incident, when a man handcuffed himself to the pillar, right underthe noses of the palace guards. If they had been terrorists and had explosives and/or bombs, the consequence would have been high. Reporter: These men said they bypassed security because they looked like workmen. The men giving themselves up. Police officers escorting them off the premises and straight into a jail cell. The two men are still in police custody. They're being questioned. This could have been a very close call. Raising serious questions about security here at Buckingham palace and about protecting the royal family. Robin? George? Unsettling. Surprised it could happen. Especially now.

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{"duration":"2:09","description":"The two protesters, from the fathers' rights group Fathers for Justice, remained on the roof for a few hours before surrendering to police.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35486347","title":"Protesters Scale Roof on Buckingham Palace Grounds","url":"/GMA/video/protesters-scale-roof-buckingham-palace-grounds-35486347"}