Public Starving for a Glimpse at Royal Baby Boy

The newest heir to the throne is expected to be the most photographed tot in the world.
2:30 | 07/23/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Public Starving for a Glimpse at Royal Baby Boy
This baby is one day old. And already, the most famous baby in the world. The big question is, how will the royal couple protect that little tyke from the glaring eye of the paparazzi? You can be sure of this, it will be their top priority. They can't come soon enough, the first images of the royal family's bundle of joy. And the man who may be there when they're taken, royal photographer, chris jackson, the man behind the lens, for some of the royal family's most iconic moments. They have to get some visibility. Prince william arthur philip louis mountbatten-windsor will be maintaining his privacy. Reporter: In the meantime, the world is looking for a glimpse. Is he most likely to be the most photographed tot on the planet. Everyone wants to know if it looks like william or kate. It's an important face to get to know. Reporter: The royals have always understood that having their babies photographed comes with the job. Charles and diana posed with baby william. But from an early age, charles was schooling young wills about the dark side of the cameras. When princess diana was killed in 1997, overzealous paparazzi were blamed for the death. For years after, the press backed off of princes william and harry. But when william announced their engagement, it was palpable. Several measures are in place to guard the newest royal. Kate and william have round-the-clock private protection. That will continue when the royal baby is born. Reporter: But the lure of exclusive baby photos will be tempting for the paparazzi. Royal watchers said kate and william would be wise to take a page from diana. And allow sporadic photos from their childhood. All to satisfy the appetite for pictures. Who is ravenous? Maybe just a few hundred cameramen who are looking at the door right there. The lindo wing. I've never looked at a set of doors longer in my life. You, more than anybody. We're still looking, josh. We're hearing it's today. We'll be back with you,

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{"id":19744408,"title":"Public Starving for a Glimpse at Royal Baby Boy","duration":"2:30","description":"The newest heir to the throne is expected to be the most photographed tot in the world.","url":"/GMA/video/public-starving-glimpse-royal-baby-boy-19744408","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}