Quarantined Ebola Nurse to Be Released by NJ

Kaci Hickox was forcibly quarantined after returning from Africa where she treated Ebola patients.
1:49 | 10/27/14

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Transcript for Quarantined Ebola Nurse to Be Released by NJ
ABC's doctorate professor is here with. This is such a hot topic and ease restrictions but this nurses facing here take. Yeah IE I think it's a necessary I've been texting we with Casey in the end. Feel they're been hundreds of head of of health care workers who've gone and taking care patients and there's never been one. Not one who spread it to anyone when they've returned and that's because they know how to monitor for fever they checked her temperature twice today and you can't spread a bullet into into you're sick. I worry that this is getting discouraged people from going over there and working enough data bola and that's what's gonna make it safer here we need these people to do this or road work. You say that and then people here in New York City see the bowling Alley where the doctor was shut down defeated meatball shop where he was shut down. The people saying so if there's no real cure then why are these steps being taken I. I think that's a good question did they are mixed messages he can't say that doctor Spencer pose no risk. And then treat every place that he's been to like it was risky because it wasn't risky he here in the politicians who were doing this out of an abundance of caution. But when you do that when you notify hundreds of people in an airplane or cruise ship hoard a meatball shop. It scares people it doesn't reassure them because those settings were not risky and you have to treat. The network politicians and medical experts are not on the same page on this at all the CDC here is now an and constantly changing the guidelines are now saying that there will be daily monitoring of anyone coming back from West Africa. Yeah I think that this is is a middle ground the I think you will reassure people to know that every day these people will be in touch with some from public health. Check their temperature if they have an elevated temperature. They can be taken in and in tested and evaluated in that way. Yet again they can't spread it at that point it will keep people safe and hopefully they'll sleep better I know there's still so many questions and let me put understand the public. Being concerning given real put her doctorate professor taking answers questions right now right now.

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{"duration":"1:49","description":"Kaci Hickox was forcibly quarantined after returning from Africa where she treated Ebola patients.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26482346","title":"Quarantined Ebola Nurse to Be Released by NJ","url":"/GMA/video/quarantined-ebola-nurse-released-nj-26482346"}