Questions Over Ryan Lochte's Future Emerge

The Olympian's career might be impacted by how he handled himself during the Rio Games.
2:17 | 08/21/16

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Transcript for Questions Over Ryan Lochte's Future Emerge
He called what the swimmers did she than thanes and couldn't quite cop to lying. I'm sorry. Reporter: Ryan Lochte tell what he says is the truth. Brazil doesn't deserve that. It was my fault. Reporter: Lochte saying he's taking full responsibility for if events that led to this confrontation. You can see him here pulling down that poster. Police immediately suspected the swimmering were lying. Locketty, back in the U.S., hauled the other swimmers involved in for questioning. Lochte says he wasn't entirely truthful. Hours after the incident last Sunday morning, he told nbr -- He cocked it, put it to my forehead. Reporter: Admitting now he was still drunk in that interview. It was still hours after that Independence dent. I was still intoxicate period. I was still under that up influence. I overexaggerated that part. The gun was drawn. But not at my forehead. It wasn't cocked at my forehead. It was toward my general direction. As you can see in the surveillance. That's when my hand went up. Reporter: After days of solidarity, teammates contradicting the tale. We foolishly relieved ourselves on the backside of the building behind some busheses. Lochte removed a poster from a nearby wall. For the rapid escalation that night, Bentz putting the the blame on Lochte. Ryan stood up and began to yell at the guards. After jack and I both tucked at him in an attempt to get him to sit back down. In the video, you see this good samaritan using his limited English. When we caught up with him on Saturday, he said the swimmers were offering cash to keep the guards from calling police. No police, no police, please, please, please. Reporter: They were saying no police, leez? Yeah yes, yes. Reporter: They said it was Bentz who offered them money, explaining they wanted to know

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{"duration":"2:17","description":"The Olympian's career might be impacted by how he handled himself during the Rio Games.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"41553683","title":"Questions Over Ryan Lochte's Future Emerge","url":"/GMA/video/questions-ryan-lochtes-future-emerge-41553683"}