10-Minute Eye-Bag Treatment Supposed to Last 'For Years'

Women are taking part in a procedure where filler is injected directly into their eye-bags.
1:53 | 04/29/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 10-Minute Eye-Bag Treatment Supposed to Last 'For Years'
Reporter: These four women are on a mission to fight an enemy so many of us must confront. Eye bags. Their kep of choice, a tear trough treatment. Ten minutes later, they come out, no dark circles. It lasts for two years, three years, four years. Reporter: That's right. In just ten mint outs, go there this to this. This is a fountain of youth for the eyes. Reporter: Check out the results for this 27-year-old. Wow, it's awesome. Reporter: And this 40-year-old. I can see it's much moother both sides. Reporter: A natural look attracted 42-year-olde esther. This is her before treatment. And after. Smoother underneath. Cheeks filled out. The dark circles diminished. I caught up with melissa just before her treatment. What do you think you're going come out with? What I'm hoping to come out with is to not wear makeup. You wear it just for this purpose? Correct. If you have big bags, you need surgery. People with mild bags, it's way to fill in the hollow. It's not reducing it but making it less visible. Reporter: Side effects include puffy eyes to possible bruising. It cost $600 to $1,000 per treatment. Does it hurt? Not at all. Reporter: Ten minutes later. You see the difference? Oh, absolutely. Reporter: You look great. Thank you. Reporter: For "good morning

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{"id":19065068,"title":"10-Minute Eye-Bag Treatment Supposed to Last 'For Years'","duration":"1:53","description":"Women are taking part in a procedure where filler is injected directly into their eye-bags.","url":"/GMA/video/quick-beauty-treatment-eye-bag-procedure-lasts-10-19065068","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}