Quick-Thinking Cruise Passengers Save Capsized Americans

Roy Nagy, wife heard voices crying for help from their Royal Caribbean cabin.
1:43 | 10/12/13

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Transcript for Quick-Thinking Cruise Passengers Save Capsized Americans
It's the cruise some passengers will never forget. They became heroes when they heard cries for help in the caribbean. Three men were stranded at sea. And what the quick-thinking passengers did next is quite remarkable. Reena ninan has more. Reporter: Good morning. That hero couple says they've been on a lot of cruises in their lifetime. But this one may forever remain the most memorable. In the middle of the night, roy and his wife heard voices crying for help. From their cabin onboard a caribbean cruise ship, bound for st. Martin. We heard someone yelling, hey, hey. Reporter: Others onboard, heard the same. Someone's out there. We have to make a call. Reporter: The ship's captain turned the ship around, using floodlights to search the dark waters. One hour later, the unimaginable. We got so close, we saw the guy waving. That's when we got goosebumps. Reporter: A rescue team was sent out in a small boat and return with three american citizens from st. Croix. Their speedboat had capsized, floating upside down for ten hours. I took away that there's a lot of really nice and beautiful people in the world. Reporter: This vacation-turned rescue mission, helped save three lives, all because of akeen hearing of a couple. We get goosebumps thinking about it. rescued and dropped off at st. Martin. The couple didn't get their names. But for the rest of the cruise, they got the rock star treatment, wine, chocolates. I think they deserve a lifetime -- great advertisement for the cruise, too. Thanks, reena.

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{"id":20552240,"title":"Quick-Thinking Cruise Passengers Save Capsized Americans","duration":"1:43","description":"Roy Nagy, wife heard voices crying for help from their Royal Caribbean cabin.","url":"/GMA/video/quick-thinking-cruise-passengers-save-capsized-americans-20552240","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}