R2D2: 'Beep, Bop, Whoaaaaaaa!'

Famed droid from the Star Wars films talks with Ginger Zee, Sara Haines.
2:24 | 05/05/14

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Transcript for R2D2: 'Beep, Bop, Whoaaaaaaa!'
Yesterday that means it was made the fourth which is made -- -- be with you this is officially start work today it lies. And Star Wars rebel is a brand new animated series wanting this fall -- Disney -- And it takes this is this at the start of -- series takes place in between episodes three and for -- and I'm so that's between remakes and the ones you remember when your children because I think that right but we kind of -- being guest of -- hearing now -- And I. And you worry -- yeah. And then yes that's crazy like premier had spends only around it's a -- -- -- -- like wild ass. Ad. -- I -- sounded like you can some ignorant OK isn't something and tweet questions though -- -- mining answering a couple questions. Nothing -- okay this is from not yet China what is your favorite outfit to Wear. Real and the blue light I think -- let me just say -- like signing blue line. -- -- -- -- drank his recipe from Monday on an excellent Angelina stones. GMA are you looking forward to -- RTE jury looking forward to start filming how was it seeing the -- again. Enough said. That didn't listen -- there also actually -- -- -- do you have a great friendship with a cast members and talk about yet a funny you mentioned that now -- and I think there's some secrets of slaves -- but you just can't reveal to us here we understand your lips are sealed. Turn out here and then Yeltsin will it will there be an exodus from. Gilda are hadn't seen -- -- -- -- OK I will be next again. -- -- -- -- And I don't probably mean just start putting. Yeah. Actually had -- can't -- spending so much for joining us we don't want an honorary. Yeah right now yeah.

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{"id":23590695,"title":"R2D2: 'Beep, Bop, Whoaaaaaaa!'","duration":"2:24","description":"Famed droid from the Star Wars films talks with Ginger Zee, Sara Haines.","url":"/GMA/video/r2d2-beep-bop-whoaaaaaaa-23590695","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}