Rachael Ray vs. Guy Fieri in Cooking Question-Off

Stars of Food Network's "Celebrity Cook Off" go head-to-head, answering popular cooking queries.
5:42 | 01/09/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Rachael Ray vs. Guy Fieri in Cooking Question-Off
Classrooms with two of America's most popular -- -- -- -- -- Rachael vs guy celebrity pickup they're here this morning to. Battle it out -- -- -- -- food challenges if they can answer some of the most common. Questions from the kitchen as we head into the new year but first let's meet our lovely. I'd love your game show -- manager main. All right it's a phenomenal show real fun show's second season -- -- all about most intense thing either one of I think things ever done -- we coached to celebrity teens they work. But there. But -- they -- -- -- it's it's like he did this start but instead -- rhinestones they have buyer and night. You know I don't I don't know. I don't say it any better than that but -- they've got great celebrities coming in. Fighting for their charity and putting themselves on the line all around food you think the first season was crazy which is easy isn't it -- I got all I -- competitive could -- there is not there's no more -- thinking we can do. On television are you ready to play -- -- game. -- -- And don't -- Be ready for me to spend the fake -- and. First question it's -- -- -- -- -- -- How can we make -- healthy -- Of Mac and cheese lovers called swap out your macaroni to whole wheat -- whole grain macaroni but more protein and more vibrant your children's diet. And then hide the vegetables if you're using a white she thought. -- some cauliflower you're using an orange cheese you know like a shark chatter. Use butternut squash -- parents cure -- and mix it and they're. And -- our kids. And. There will be no food fighting here on our fingers and celebrity to cop show someone -- -- -- -- -- already. -- -- What is the best of the best to make ahead meal for the whole family. To enjoy the whole family who I have no idea. -- I gonna go and -- -- sixteen year old kid hunter make it before you get home and it would be -- and I. A I think handling guide -- -- thank you. Rachel. So. How can become -- I -- -- I don't think that's how can I avoid. A crack in my -- That would -- -- right. Yes I cheesecake that Claire Metz. I got my sister Marie had a big ticket not a very good baker but to avoid a crack in cheesecake you're actually spoke to cook it in a -- -- cricket in a water bath. But I think if you crack hides or cheesecake -- I've got -- masquerading Mary's. Soaked in lending shout out just for those -- and eleven -- down over the top. There's no McCracken that. I'd depart so I don't actually and then you have to let me shallow left government. We're gonna go to the judges hide the correct -- -- I'm happy -- could win but I -- grab. You can get right back and -- -- With this the Super Bowl right around the corner GMA going to New Orleans oh by the way the best tips then for fast and easy game day. Eats -- everybody -- sitting around watching the game watching the Super Bowl eating chili friends with -- come together and so -- -- -- dragon's -- Chile and then some great cold cuts would -- yard and there you got the boarded Della break. There are no little -- to Dallas morning everybody -- that -- market. -- -- -- -- -- Well bonus question. Fancy graphics suggest that's the bonus question Rachel yes this secret you can do it perfectly roasted -- -- you do. If you have a chicken I dated band across it with some -- -- leave it in the -- uncovered overnight and then -- -- to get super crispy skin. Brining it's also delicious actor -- and it last minute slather little butter between expanding. Water and are glad and again in the -- And putting some citrus and herbs into the cavity while threats silly it's allowed -- Brian and took up that is -- And and guy. I -- because they're -- even the kids will love seeing me. I. I don't know I'm gonna go it -- made no no not a the -- company go chocolate dipped bananas. The. You know and why is he behind your audience I had the death I did we have a top. Okay. Aren't bad and the ugly contestants the parting gifts at the door Rachel -- -- -- took office Sunday. On the Food Network go to good -- not come on Yahoo! to beat Rachel guys recipes including dragon simply. Yeah.

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{"id":18169084,"title":"Rachael Ray vs. Guy Fieri in Cooking Question-Off","duration":"5:42","description":"Stars of Food Network's \"Celebrity Cook Off\" go head-to-head, answering popular cooking queries.","url":"/GMA/video/rachael-ray-guy-fieri-celebrity-cook-off-stars-18169084","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}