Gretta Monahan Updates the 'GMA' Gangs' Wardrobes

The fashion expert offers tips and tricks to freshen up your style.
5:20 | 08/29/13

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Transcript for Gretta Monahan Updates the 'GMA' Gangs' Wardrobes
we're digging up. Don't worry, emeril. All of us taking the plunge, to reveal old photos. Grata monahan, has a new book called "style and the successful girl." Lara, you were brave. You decided to go first. I didn't know that. Yeah. Let's take a look. Oh,y e. Circus 1987, people. There it is. On the monitor. Look at this. Oh, my gosh. Wow. Yeah. So cute. I like the hair. The dress, though, is a dress that I loved. I felt like a million bucks. I think I got it at like marshal's. It's very -- you're looking very madonna right there. It's 1987, material girl time. How can we make this go from throwback thursday, to fashion forward? The black and white trend is huge. I will have you leave this dress in the past. The picnic print is not going to work. I picked this for you, lara. Check this out. Black and white. Blazer. You can see, all of the accessories. It's a huge trend. And that little dress behind you, that would be so cute on you, a modern way to do the check print. This is similar. Somehow so different. I like you all, and you're looking at that, just to think of this. Let's leave that in 1987, shall we? I will never forget that. And the eye liner, too, i would only do the corner in the eyes. And I like the flock of seagull hair. Elizabeth, your turn. It is? Yes, it is. Oh, that's paula. No pictures that aren't awkward. I was in six grade. It was little sis weekend at eastern michigan. I loved this jacket. It was a jean jacket. Is that milk shake on it? It's a jean jacket, acid wash jacket. I had a perm. And I had braces. I had the perm. And I thought it was cow print. You remember that? It should be. The jean jacket with print, are not in. I'm going to leave that behind. What I did choose for you, is a bold print blazer. Check that out. That could totally work. You rock that. Now, elizabeth. Oh, no. Come on. I love this. Oh, my gosh. Wow. Wait a minute. Somebody helped me with my hair. He was at a full colonel. I was like a freshman in high school. So, what I want to show you here is what I picked out for you. The overall print dress is totally in. Okay. You can do the bohemian print you love. The yellow bomber, okay. Big bumblebee. Totally leaving the puffer in the past. What we are doing is a cardigan. Okay. We have a lot of crew necks and puffers. This yellow cardigan totally rocks. I'm so sorry. We can't do the weather, george. Next up is george. Oh. It is sam champion. Sam champion, I can do nothing with the high-heel shoes. Come on. I can do nothing with the plaid pants. The plaid bell bottoms I love. Do you see the cuffs on those bell bottoms? What I did do. Baby blue turns into baby gray. The structure blazer. Can I keep this? Totally. Can you fashion forward the plaid pants? Maybe if you tailor them in. We can't run out of time. We're not. One more. One more. Oh. Also rocking the plaid. Thank you very much. You do it well. George and sam. George stole sam's look with the pants and the high heels. What he was rocking was the dark blazer. The white tie is a no-go. Really? No-go. The white tie is a no-go. And ali said you didn't go shopping since the clinton administration. So, I got you a dark tie. I got you great pocket squares. I love all of it. And the blazer works. Sam, save us before the rain comes. Give us the weather. I've asked the audience. Who has pictures of themselves? Tell me your name. My name is patty french. Where are you from? San diego. Let me take this picture. Wait. Did I just close it. I can fix it. Okay. This is yours, george. There we go. Can you see this? There's patty. We're not alone. Everyone has these pictures in their past. Send them to us. We're just hanging out here by ourselves.

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{"id":20105269,"title":"Gretta Monahan Updates the 'GMA' Gangs' Wardrobes","duration":"5:20","description":"The fashion expert offers tips and tricks to freshen up your style.","url":"/GMA/video/rachel-rays-fashion-expert-gretta-monahan-updates-gma-20105269","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}