Getting ready for March Madness

ESPN's Tony Reali previews who you need in your winning bracket.
3:00 | 03/12/17

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Transcript for Getting ready for March Madness
This is the time of year when men and women of all ages will get sick and find themselves in front of the television because of March Madness. Tony Reali here to break it down. I think they'll get sick. When they realize the games are on Thursday, and Friday, and Saturday, and Sunday. The only cure is to get wings at the pub. I have the perfect bracket here. It says Paula on it. At this moment, you're the only pick I'm making. H that is a losing bracket. First and foremost, selection Sunday. One of our favorite days for college basketball. Dan, you can chime in in a second with analysis. Yeah. You're guaranteeing a winning bracket. We're talking about bubbling -- Like I tell Francesca, my 2-year-old, there are no bubbles now. After we've done it for an hour. There are no bubbles this year, more than any other year if recent memories. Syracuse, maybe tense moment this is afternoon. Southern California. Outside of that, it goes back to the favorites from last year. You remember last year? Vil noef varks one of the greatest shots of all time to win the national championship. This is my favorite part. Coach Jay Wright, one of the best reactions of all time. No big tale here. Villanova coming in hot. They're a lock for the one seed. I like Arizona, after winning the pac-12. Gonzaga. Kentucky at duke. It will be interesting to see who gets the last one seed there. Everybody likes cinder el las. Some find out later on. Who are are your picks? How does southern methodist university sound to you. When you write it out, it looks like smu. They're hot right now. Vermont, do you know what a cat mount is? It's a cat. On a mount. Exactly. You're good. The blue raiders from the middle of Tennessee. And northwestern, the first time in 77 years in the tournament, rob, you know this. First time ever. First time ever for northwestern. You're not a numbers guy. What are the odds of a perfect bracket? I'm a stats boy on TV for about 16 years. 1 in 9 quintillion. That's the chances of a perfect bracket. That's 18 zeros. This perfect bracket prediction from Tony Reali. Go to around the horn's Twitter account singing Luther vandross. I'm an expert here pip pick on whose Jerseys I like better, whose mascot I like better. That's the way, right? Everybody check out the tournament challenge mare shop. 4 thundershowers of straight coverage on ESPN starting Monday at 7:00. Coming up on "Gma," a couple accused of trying to hire a

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{"id":46077613,"title":"Getting ready for March Madness","duration":"3:00","description":"ESPN's Tony Reali previews who you need in your winning bracket.","url":"/GMA/video/ready-march-madness-46077613","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}