Real Life Super Heroes Take Over 'GMA Live!'

Super Heroes Anonymous is a group of people trying to make the world a better place.
3:00 | 03/20/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Real Life Super Heroes Take Over 'GMA Live!'
You're the most polite. Superhero I -- But just you know we have real superhero now let's get him out they didn't -- -- -- it where we are we going to doesn't look. Now we know we're -- to -- that their moving -- -- and then there. This is so -- wow look at that. -- -- Welcome welcome welcome first introduced -- it will start with you just if you -- what we introduce yourself -- network which -- done more on the -- guardian. I'm prowler and -- okay. And you guys are superheroes anonymous. How did it again how did you guys coming -- So superheroes anonymous who was first all encompassing gathering of realist superheroes we're not the only ones who do this. Special mission there's actually about to a fifty -- of people all over the world to produce his -- anonymous was in Times Square actually and 07. And I would renewing annual meetings every your sense of as many real life superheroes as we -- -- the other. How old excuse me how intense is this mission and what can you tell us about I think it's different for everyone. Like myself I'll get a mom and actual crime fighting and put myself in danger means they won't -- -- -- -- -- -- well -- call the law. I I call the police on stuff but -- somebody's Indian -- -- a -- then I'm gonna help out. Whether he's stopping drug dealers -- Sarah thieves. Out -- the -- scary stuff they can be scary I had my life threatened and get over it think it's crazy out there but you knew it but your phone call 911 what do you do your job well I have more killer strain and -- how to defend myself forgotten teens. We work very effectively. And the main thing -- about deterring crime stopping thing before in concert with police. Tom we get where they're put on one of flyers of we see something make sure to call the police first but we believe in that community policing and had to -- -- you put I was the most. Dangerous situation you kind of -- I don't really do dangerous things I have a softer well I just give. But items to homeless and -- animal shelters. -- -- -- I have a half cat half woman costume because when I first met let me ask -- -- mission would be got that I wanted to help but people animals. So I knew it not with a half a hybrid customers people at animal at like I -- I go and get things homes people at a house but at most shelters and spend -- down with their walk dogs pet -- in. Give them to do it through the shelters vehicle of the people on the street and say hey could you use this is that how do you. How do you approach the problem I approachable on the street it now life. It was especially. In system these days forcing a lot of origin stories you know. Superheroes as they became me you know how they've got their -- Halladay you know found their mission -- found viewers how. Well it really began with the superheroes anonymous being inspired by people like -- guardian has been doing mystery mongers -- I have. But in terms my origin story. Regular regular person -- -- but -- My father is actually exceeded rabbi and my -- actually geriatric nurse so for -- idea of wearing a unique. You reformer persona and helping people making the world a better place that's not so crazy I kind of just took it to the next level -- -- superheroes anonymous. But like you know seeing you know my mom -- -- -- uniform and going out and and taking care of ultimately. You know it's not so weird for me -- doesn't matter what your mission specifically so you know I do do superiors I was workshops that's where -- Prowler mentioned we -- we developed superhero personas but I do -- registry homeless outreach. -- like -- similar things. The Sox toothbrushes. So I actually go out. With like I have. Like like a sleigh carriage thing that I attached to my bike and I public -- like tax cuts in the Bowery and. -- your home your reaction hands from people. I think generally are positive things I think you know it captures people's attention and it it draws attention to causes -- problems in the community. And that's really what -- all about an -- got Rick Perry quickly. You guys -- of many of them right now I. Funny man that can anyone get involved with that I absolutely. Packed how to they -- -- and -- -- -- -- -- -- life. And it's not that kind of gift for you -- as a gift to someone else hands on her way home if you see someone on the subway. They think might need that -- -- we're asking -- you can Paris Sox go with your parents so. -- -- -- But there's there's definitely -- can help but that that you got to -- the cost him yeah. And I -- now yeah. I'm. Just like BJ plan -- -- -- all the -- -- Thank you guys came on his hearing and -- -- so that's really the figure in the midst so anyone can get involved superheroes anonymous dot com and that's always right there were trying to say that everyone has the power to do good averages. You know get involved in something -- tools for -- has dot com don't forget that.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Super Heroes Anonymous is a group of people trying to make the world a better place.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22984049","title":"Real Life Super Heroes Take Over 'GMA Live!'","url":"/GMA/video/real-life-super-heroes-gma-live-22984049"}