Reba Reveals Her Country Crush

The country singer opens up and says what she really thinks about her big hair days.
3:00 | 11/01/12

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Transcript for Reba Reveals Her Country Crush
Out this talent is and let's sit uneasily. You never -- I'm that every other. Excitement is for you your performance but it's also the heads of the celebration going on for the 46 -- -- CMA awards are taking place in 91 what had perhaps is one of your favorite CMA Mehmet. So my favorite CMA moments was the first 01 female vocalist of the year -- Yeah yeah yeah. I have -- tiny hands -- five more cents and will. Five we're seeing Mayo arias not a thing and -- mistake. Ceremony in -- losing. I am one fashion or beauty trendy you'll -- -- let -- get its you'll look back -- you think I learned how much they -- up and not. The big hair -- really -- And so. It was a trillion it was it went for a long long time -- crap they -- big hair. -- had that big -- The will I had some sanction them malls along the way lots of -- but you know. It just makes is for a very interesting story later only utility during -- all of them without a doubt a you know what I have a feeling that a lot of these -- study you're probably not the same parents doubt sneer yeah. And yeah yeah. -- Brady damp -- to is yours you're in your country celebrity crush this country's yeah crunchy website I don't. Yeah definitely get my Netflix sweetheart. Clearly what about sate your guilty pleasure when it comes to TV. Love the new show -- field. I have -- green beans. -- And -- in the. Love those has nothing right there with an of course not -- will probably be next of Malibu country. 30 central. And shamelessly -- He must have much double endless song didn't say much about higher shameful about that it is a show worth -- little -- great line and it's a fantastic to see your return to TV. Com and -- Yeah celeb friend of yours would be -- -- -- belt rail wits with the -- -- that you have with a celebrity that may surprise us. Friendship with a celebrity does not surprise union. My -- friend went friends with that it can do now. They are destined favor I don't know either of these no -- now not. He never met the days. Not really black to me and I -- some money you'd be surprised. Shocking I'll keep Erica and I -- you -- -- -- how black people are demanding a lot of -- right Andrew Miller under no -- she's a sweetheart. She knows -- -- that's pretty amazing -- first name basis you know who had -- cynical Kidman I'm seeing him in. A million. We'll let -- things that we need. Get inside where it's warm you get a prepare for tonight it's of the center for that -- this evening. I'm that there is something that -- the talks here about that's particularly moving and touching especially right now omnimedia we're celebrating the CMA is -- Nash self for the 46 annual festivities. -- a lot of people on the east tests are suffering from the devastation from sandy. And you had just jumped and and you are already. Looking to be a part of the relief efforts that they you know raising money in everything so tell us about your work for the Red Cross right now on how we may be -- With the help -- the Red Cross organization because they were there for us. When we had the horrendous flood here -- Nash filming the water was only up to here. And so Red Cross was there for -- -- Willis the Salvation Army but. I'm a celebrity spokesperson for red cross and that's what we're jumping in right now to help all the people -- our neighbors up in the northeastern part the United States only East Coast. There have been a rough time right now -- you can donate to the Red Cross they're always there for you. Absolutely -- isn't a single a one of like the proceeds from one of your singles -- benefiting. Defendants amounts -- on -- 10 AM on night scenes gag is -- of our songs will be out only since shortly. So check that out and the principal proceeds will be going to Red Cross fantastic creative -- half. -- -- traffic -- and according blanket of cooler is an extended TV Lyon nice man and 3800. -- -- -- -- -- I think yeah me. Okay.

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{"id":17616869,"title":"Reba Reveals Her Country Crush","duration":"3:00","description":"The country singer opens up and says what she really thinks about her big hair days.","url":"/GMA/video/reba-reveals-country-crush-17616869","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}