Redrawing The Map: The 2014 Races That Will Tip The Political Balance

Fmr. Reps. Frost and Reynolds weigh in on the year ahead in politics.
3:00 | 01/17/14

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Transcript for Redrawing The Map: The 2014 Races That Will Tip The Political Balance
Hello and welcome to top line I'm Rick Klein from ABC news and I Malia knocks from Yahoo! News we are kicking off the new year by talking about the -- And that of course the 2014 -- -- -- we have two experts on the subject Martin Frost the former democratic congressman from Texas who chaired the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. And Tom Reynolds former Republican congressman from New York who was the counterpart of on the Republican side so. Let's start with the first race for -- 2014 the big question of course do Democrats take back the house they've got a special election you guys know -- he very well Bill Young. A pass away in Florida Democrats about the rise on the seat for a long time will that be a harbinger if you win that seat does that mean Democrats have a chance. The answer is no I think Democrats are gonna do okay in this election but you can't base anything on what happens in the special election while -- and I hate special elections and particularly. -- makes it all the indications are the democratic. Candidate is is in good stead to reclaim his seat after forty years and -- on there but you can't use it as a Bellwether. For record I think a candidate in a toss up race this year one thinking dynamics is issue number -- people identifying its independence -- no more people -- identify as independents and either party. What do you tell that Kennedy is as a danger is an opportunity how do you tailor your man well it depends on what part of the country candidates running. What -- a district as a general proposition advising democratic candidates I would say. Remember all politics is local talk about local issues talk about -- -- unification with the district. Don't get tied to the Obama administration this is going to be a referendum on the Obama administration and while. Many candidates will try to run from that the whole message will be. What the Obama administration's. I think there is a problem for the Republicans. I don't think they can ride the Obama -- course the entire year I think that issue ultimately plays out in the course of the year and they're gonna have to find something else to talk about that they may have lots of things to talk about. But if they try and do you Johnny one note just -- Obama care I don't think that is going to be that Karen. Back like then I could have attention to agree to that I think derided as long as you can ride -- I think the art of the the politics will be what is you obamacare in the mindset of people in June July and August verses where it is today and of that. Subsides they better be out some new topics -- what their agendas abound in the -- they can continue to ride -- biggest problem that the Republicans have I believe going into 2014. Is whether Boehner can keep a lid on the Tea Party craft. Frankly I think they're misleading though they're followers and -- A pushy and our members in places where they don't want -- -- and frankly I just. Thank -- it. They've lost all credibility. If Boehner can successfully keep a lid on them and outlets and do crazy things that Republicans -- pretty good shot at picking up seats this time. But if somehow -- loses control of the Tea Party folks and the public decides these guys and that's quite a -- and elect more of them. Then the Democrats could have a decent year how big -- factor the be improving economy is in terms of swing independents. And at what point in 2014 do you think. The -- -- really only -- -- at the margins of twelve the economy obviously we'll help Democrats if it continues to improve that's a big if we know what had happened and what the public thinks we just come through a holiday season is not showing me -- anybody's been in change in the full throttle era. -- the mindset is -- public -- -- I think the economy isn't going to be enough war. The Democrats but I would also not spend all my time as a Republican -- Because when it's just -- -- and on the stock market. So many people -- 401K. Plans so many people. Much more than you know 1520 years ago that are so invested in the what what the market does for their retirement if the market does okay. That helps Democrats I think are if the market. Tanks that's real real strong system we have to wrap -- up I want closed some accountability I wanna number I want a number of seats that the Democrats are gonna pick up -- Republicans productive -- now we'll hold you accountable at the end of the year I think -- Democrats -- up three to five seats in the house and I think -- Hold on to the senate not by much. Mr. Reynolds -- you'll never hear me give a prediction and -- crowded and hot right now I think the Republicans are gonna do just fine this year and that policies that are they could. And in the the senate they will continue to grow seats but they would need to run the table to be in the Jordan's to -- -- an inside straight. And that's. The inside straight good poker analogy for us -- the -- the year Tom Reynolds and Martin Frost thank you so much for being here autopilot our gurus. That does it for this edition of top line to check us out all week long at -- Yahoo! News you can check me out on Twitter at -- Follow me at -- -- and imports. But honest next on.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Fmr. Reps. Frost and Reynolds weigh in on the year ahead in politics.","mediaType":"yahoo only","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21580302","title":"Redrawing The Map: The 2014 Races That Will Tip The Political Balance","url":"/GMA/video/redrawing-map-2014-races-tip-political-balance-21580302"}