Reena Ninan Catches Up With Previous Anchors of 'WNN' and 'GMA'

Lisa McRee and Kevin Newman come back to the "World News Now" set to reminisce about their show experience.
6:09 | 11/19/15

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Transcript for Reena Ninan Catches Up With Previous Anchors of 'WNN' and 'GMA'
The wait is over tightened reveal our surprise guest to people who really. They need no introduction most of you know exactly who they are they're distinguished for being the only two people to anchor this. Phenomenal brought cast and Good Morning America kept him and spend. A year and a half in this studio. A tiny which Canadians like himself held an iron grip on the world news now anchor desk so true. And could he. Yes we're never really sitting behind traditional anchor desk she Aaron Brown do pioneers they were the founding mother and father really up his very first anchor team in the history. Of world news now and we're well then don't Kevin lease I can tell you we have been. Waiting for your life that is so much fun foothold here. Did you do you were twelve years. His broadcast weren't you know I had a lot more air and hot hot linking apple put a wooden ice avenue bark now it was you know was. Brand new show for me Aaron brown and I started the show with David Borman our executive producer. And I still friends with both of them anyways I really I'd I'd love them they're you know they're there will be friends for ever. We just made up as we went along and then the grownups were watching how hot is like that the mice were coming in and wounding a furniture you know. He still feel like that connect. The people upstairs watching a. It really was the I think the most liberating broadcasting I've ever done. In my career because you could make it out. And you did have that feeling of you don't nobody is watching and you. I've never felt actually closer to viewers need to my audience and I gonna do on this broadcast I mean you started the show what was it like in the very beat. What we had a basement offices because the grown ups with the let's come upstairs I think until they made sure we can be on the air for a week in out and and it was. It was tanking it was dark in here and there were exposed pipes and it was you know. And in need what's all the grownups let me come upstairs and practice hot. And Peter Jennings had his desk right here yeah with the working mr. hunting as was whole space to you guys uses studios and was a big working newsroom. And we we practiced and rehearsed at that at that big destiny and and our executive producer Dana Obama's lack not working it's just not. Right he's like caring take often jacket hung up and all of years and now they're always twisting form an idea that's what's beautiful world news now mean if you think of what the F accuse about. You know Internet broadcasting now that you do roll up your sleeves that you are. Much more comfortable in your skinny you're much more of a person less of an authority anchor I actually think that's the stuff that was pioneers here did you. Ever think it would relieve the show with last stop nothing lasts a lot of products so ask your but it doesn't really great service heading for people who are newsmakers when Aaron and I started the program. It was the primary season of the night until election. And there was this is unknown gas from hope. Hot hot olive and he is happy to come in and be on TV for fifteen minutes anybody you know breaking in for really. Back her. Up. What are the things that I I'm probably most proud of is that when we are here reacts to push this broadcast. Over the Internet. And so world news now is actually the very first television newscasts ever on the Internet so we threw it out there and I still remember sitting at the desk which was there. And seeing the signal comeback. Oh my goodness like at that time you never saw your audience today. You see your audience you hear from the view we have all the time a format different from bath when you guys started to today but which use Aaron that we teens started in the morning papers and nobody did baton there we should papers from you probably man putting it are saying look director well I know perimeter mariners hadn't yet he went up and caught in a fax machine we would go to the facts and sound guys from the Dallas morning news write an actual facts. Dallas morning news or Pittsburg okay whenever with faxes that had the headlines and we hope that everybody out that idea and there are those I. Is we used to do this he called their news. And if you think about it it's still a great idea why where you were taken newscast not a country sub title it so we would run their news which was always enlightening to see you know imagine today. The kind of story that you would get from Jordan for instance of the Syrian refugees and how differently. Cover and it's that it aren't happy ending aliens it was a story about poke on the air and big mouth says. Puppet aft. And like within a week is it took away from tailback Ben that's wreckage were still ponies that rock pop pop pop pop up arms. Huge pile. Piles. These Hochul lovers you're paying me and I had to do an on air may get called back and and then Gary Mitchell shows that it is just a torch a year every that is funny down and he's still a he's ready and people really look we can never lose the book on world news now home that would be a sad day in. What is now he's all alone Ilia is it's 4 o'clock you're all alone and you're not wearing pants pop up grad underworld scene now imagine everybody dance. What would you say before you head out what would you say is popping your favorite of what you remember most about your time your weapons. The camaraderie a it was just everybody working hard shift and but loving each other's company so much and the freedom. I can't say when you know some of the people we work with it becomes like just lifelong friend here is true number Kristy Colvin who worked on the Chris Young married at my house in Los up you know it's because you bond in a way exists so different and nobody really understands your pain and it went it. And it when it 22 doing disservice to service people by saying it's like being of the organization there is a bunker means it without it. And and there that that that's something you share and I'm value those friendships and Kevin you've just written a new book out too. I evident at the same thing about it is that it's it's sort of in retrospect of looking back at the time that I I came here and and how much. You know very busy life whether it's in broadcast whatever it is what that takes from in children but interesting thing is I've co written it was my son. So it's this memoir of the same period of time from two very different perspectives so if you're really brave parents in fifteen years. Ask your kid to read a book about how you did his apparent because it's it gives you a chance to do better. Thank you that's been so much for joining.

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{"duration":"6:09","description":"Lisa McRee and Kevin Newman come back to the \"World News Now\" set to reminisce about their show experience.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35298274","title":"Reena Ninan Catches Up With Previous Anchors of 'WNN' and 'GMA'","url":"/GMA/video/reena-ninan-catches-previous-anchors-wnn-gma-35298274"}