Reflections on Nelson Mandela's Legacy

Bill Clinton, Oprah Winfrey offer memories of anti-apartheid leader.
3:00 | 12/06/13

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Transcript for Reflections on Nelson Mandela's Legacy
Nelson -- For many who heard Nelson Mandela's speech he wasn't so much -- oratory skills. And I think -- stop -- date with destiny but the owner of the story that inspired. -- story so familiar and intertwined with America's parents instilled -- very painful. -- they would accept life. With just four months after he was set free from prison in 1990 the Nelson Mandela set foot in America for the first time. Eight city tour started in New York he was meant -- it was as if Malcolm -- -- were still alive. In the nets had won the World Series all New York all in one day. Former New York mayor David Dinkins was instrumental in making -- -- Mandela's first stop in America. My mind. Mandela was ten feet -- that would Nelson Mandela was able to achieve demonstrated. What in fact can -- -- American who like Mandela knows the high price of equality. Congressman John Lewis and many of those stores and if Nelson -- can do it we can do and the movie about Mandela's life. Long walk to freedom premiered in London. Those who attended celebrities and royalty did know Mandela had died until left such an extremely sad and tragic news. The anti apartheid protests in the eighties captivated the new generation college campuses and community. And. Amidst the demonstrations demanding divestment in South Africa here. Was the ongoing violence there and township -- what. And took the story of one man to help America better understand the struggle. One nation. Mandela reminded the world reconciliation. Was more powerful than revenge. Forgiveness is a gift to be given. That inject those people who want to let you go he served briefly -- did. But when I was walking out of my. Compound for the last time I said to myself they've had a 27 years. If you hate them when you get through that door they will still have -- If you can proceed through life -- just a portion. Of Nelson Mandela's humility. You will be a huge success. The audacity of Mandela's rise also inspired a young politician from Illinois. Barack Obama met Nelson Mandela when he was just a junior senator here in 2005 in years later his wife. Had the chance to tell Mandela what he meant to her and the president. You cannot imagine how -- Important -- legacy is to who I am to who my husband is I just said thank you thank you. Thank you. So back during his first visit there was little wonder why watching a 71 year old man gains could -- so many. It was the walk that proceeded.

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{"id":21122662,"title":"Reflections on Nelson Mandela's Legacy","duration":"3:00","description":"Bill Clinton, Oprah Winfrey offer memories of anti-apartheid leader.","url":"/GMA/video/reflections-nelson-mandelas-legacy-21122662","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}