Rene Russo Discusses New Role in 'Nightcrawler' Film

The actress talks about some of the scary moments in the upcoming thriller coming out on Halloween.
5:16 | 10/29/14

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Transcript for Rene Russo Discusses New Role in 'Nightcrawler' Film
Your character could be misunderstood, Nina, don't you think? Yes. Absolutely. When Dan showed me the script. I thought it was amazing, the writing was brilliant. I loved the world that it was set in. And I really didn't like Nina. And I said you know what, Danny, I think this is great. But I think that Nina needs a Polish. I think you need to start over with her. Because I didn't like her. She was kind of cold and mean-spirited. And I really did not know how to sort of access her and feel good about it. There is something about her, and Dan Gilroy is your husband. The director and wrote the screen play. This was his debut. Yes, it was. But your character, Nina, all those things you described. I want to play a clip here. Okay. You want the material, and Jake gyllenhaal plays what we call a stringer, and you want the material from him at any cost. Here it is. No. Accidents, cars, buses, planes, trains, fires. Well how bloody? Graphic. The best way to explain it to you, think of the newscast as a screaming woman running down the street with his throat cut. I understand. Some news directors are accused if it bleeds it leads. You see her there. But there is something that's so vulnerable about her. I think the thing that fin finally I got, and seemed so obvious. Dan, I don't get her. He was like, could you? We're shooting in a week. But I mentally realized you know what? When I cross moral boundaries and have sort of unsavory behavior -- Right. It's usually because I'm terrified. It's fear of loss. I'm desperate. And once I had that, I was good to go with Nina. That made sense to me. She's terrified. Losing her health insurance. She's alone. And she's older. People are coming up in business to take her job. She's in the business a long time and from job to job. You keep referring to your husband, Dan, and it was his directoryial di beau. He enjoyed having you there. What was it like working with him? I had no idea. Listen -- what is he going to be like on the set? I've worked with him before. Right. Any arguments we had were off-set. He didn't see her as vulnerable as I did. The only argument we had is in the very, very beginning, first day. Very early on in the show. I said -- he said you're coming off a little too sensual. And I thought you know what? Nina leads with that. She had to in some ways to be a woman in this business. She had to do that. That was the only thing. He said you should tone it down. I didn't. She needs to start out there. He's great and allows -- he's a real actors director. It's a wonderful film. Somebody in the business. But you don't have to be in the business to appreciate it. And we were talking offset. And you said it was okay to talk with you about this. Because you recently revealed that you have bipolar disorder and you take medication. Some people were surprised. They didn't know that. Your family and friends did. But you said that you have some friends who don't take medication for the disorder and wanted to say it's okay. For me, saying that, oh, you were so brave to come out. To me it was like saying, you know, I take medication for high blood pressure. I would like to take credit for being brave. But you feel that way about it. There were adjectives about shocking and turning confession. And I thought, you know, if I shot my husband and buried him in the backyard, okay, you could say that. That would be shocking. That would be shocking. So it's crazy and I think, unfortunately, I think depression and anxiety is really hard to live with. What people don't need is to feel bad about themselves because they decide to go on medication. The only thing I can think is mental decide equals straight jacket. Not true. I think that's what people think. If I can share and experience. A lot of people are hurting and feel ashamed. You know, I never understood it. But then if I could share to help anyone out there. And I'm not saying that medication is right for everyone. But it was right for you. It is right for you. It was right for me. A lot of people say exercise and diet. And that is important. But if you are clinically depressed, then exercise it like taking a bucket and throwing it on a raging fire. In conjunction it's great. Bless your heart for shedding light. That's what it takes. Having a dialogue, getting it out in the open. It's like any other condition that somebody those face. Right. Thank you for that. Rene Russo, ladies and gentlemen. So nice to have her here. Thank you for that. I mean that. You know I'm all about that. "Nightcrawler" is in theaters on Halloween, Friday.

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{"duration":"5:16","description":"The actress talks about some of the scary moments in the upcoming thriller coming out on Halloween.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26545250","title":"Rene Russo Discusses New Role in 'Nightcrawler' Film","url":"/GMA/video/rene-russo-discusses-role-nightcrawler-film-26545250"}