Rep. Lindy Boggs Remembered

Former congresswoman and champion of women's rights dies at age 97.
4:04 | 07/28/13

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Transcript for Rep. Lindy Boggs Remembered
All right we'll now remembering a legend in American politics Lindy Boggs former congresswoman and champion of women's rights has died at age 97. On -- more personal note she was the mother of ABC's Cokie Roberts. Here's ABC's John Donovan more on the huge impact she made for so many. -- Korean Morrison Claiborn. As she was a Washington original -- to most -- just. Lindy Boggs late in life in her eighties a US ambassador to the Vatican. Earlier much earlier one half of something that was new to Washington when she got there during FDR's presidency. The power couple with her husband hale Boggs and up and comer out of Louisiana headed for leadership. Tradition held one side of her heart. As she embraced motherhood raising three kids a future New Jersey mayor a boy destined to be a leading Washington lawyer. And one our own Cokie Roberts. But there was ambition and her two and political -- Lindy Boggs ran several of her husband's campaigns. He -- lot of -- man and anybody else and land -- biblically you remain. Okay good. Then in 1972. The deep. Lost that changed everything. Seventy planes were up over southern Alaska searching for the twin engine fast -- that disappeared Monday with -- congressman hailed her -- -- plane went down in Alaska and was never found in the family it was clear who should run to fill the seat world. How about -- -- is that a permanent. Woman who expect -- who -- served in congress for seventeen years pushing to expand horizons for women and the disadvantaged. And now. Her connection to her constituents would always be something real. She was proud of the fact that when she retired from congress she was the only white member representing a majority black constituency. -- could truly be said she knew everyone who was anyone in Washington they picked her to chair the Democratic National Convention in 1976. And when President Clinton named her ambassador to the Vatican the vice president and converting honors you can honestly say he'd known him. Since he was a little boy that's what being in politics for most of -- -- will get -- times changed during Lindy Boggs long run here. But in part that's because Lindy Boggs. Changed the times she was 97. John Donvan ABC news Washington. -- an impact she made for so many let's bring in George Stephanopoulos host of ABC's this week from -- the first woman to represented Louisiana. In congress and I like how Cokie Roberts said she was the first woman to do most of the things. That she did what a legacy -- -- really. We were huge legacy heard so much -- -- and John diamonds piece -- they're also she used her seat. In congress to really open open up opportunities. For women and minorities particularly economic. Opportunities that within the -- I loved best. Is when the Bill Clinton his when he appointed ambassador to the Vatican says she's the only person on earth who could convince the Pope -- with him. And an attitude and. Very different slightly less wholesome story this morning involving Anthony Weiner ABC's Geoff -- confirming this morning that we -- his campaign manager has quit. In the wake of the escalating sexting. Scandal. Do you envision any way -- can survive this thing go on to win in the mayoral race. -- no -- -- standpoint that's almost impossible to see his support began to plummet even you know he was leading the right now when he got back Kendall when these new revelations came out this week this week. -- -- -- sexting has continued his support began to -- with we've -- been surprised by voters before but at this point his campaign does seem. To be unraveling even though he seems determined to stay in this no matter what. He and his wife that is -- is -- cars -- the big question right now is that gonna make any difference this time in the past we've seen that kind of support. Does help convince voters -- -- someone you know we're sticking with I'm not sure this time. -- thank you. And as a writer George has packed show this -- gonna sit down of that crisis management expert Judy Smith she's the inspiration by the behind the ABC hit show scandal -- take. On the ongoing Weiner -- out later this morning on this week with George -- attacks against.

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{"id":19795251,"title":"Rep. Lindy Boggs Remembered","duration":"4:04","description":"Former congresswoman and champion of women's rights dies at age 97.","url":"/GMA/video/rep-lindy-boggs-remembered-19795251","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}