Rescuer Describes Saving Man Dangling From Ski Lift

Mickey Wilson tells "GMA" how he rescued a man who got tangled in a chairlift at a Colorado ski resort and was left hanging unconscious from the chairlift.
5:07 | 01/06/17

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Transcript for Rescuer Describes Saving Man Dangling From Ski Lift
you. It's how Edward Jones makes sense of investing. Now, we have the dramatic ski rescue caught on camera. We'll hear from the rescuer, Mickey Wilson, after this report from Neal ckarlinsky. Reporter: In this moment of terror, a skier strangled by his own backpack. An act of heroism worthy of a Hollywood action scene. Mickey Wilson climbed a lift tower. Slid himself 30 feet across the lift's cable, before trying to free the skier by kicking him loose. The ski patrol threw him a knife. He caught it on the first try and cut the man free, savoring him. Skier, who didn't want to be identified, told the post it happened hen his backpack got tackled. It was kind of surreal pip knew I was going around the bull wheel and then I was back wards. All of a Sunday, I was blacking out. Wilson, a professional slackliner competing all over the world, balancing high over the ground on narrow ropes. They turned out the be the perfect spider-man-like skills at the right time. The skier should not have been wearing a pack. The lift was immediately stopped to help him. It's okay to use a backpack skiing. Before you get on the chair lift, take it off. Hold on to it. Set it in your lap. And don't wear it on the chair lift. Reporter: This is the third since dent in a month of a skier getting tangled with a lift because of a backpack. Hang in there, bud. Reporter: On Monday, this little boy's backpack got caught on a lift. Leaving him dangling while the ski patrol rushed to the scene. Reporter: A few weeks earlier, another boy, 111 years old, got stuck the same way on the same lift. The resort says they encourage riders to remove their Pax. This time, it was Mickey Wilson's quick thinking, bravely, athleticism that saved a skier who had almost no time to spare. For "Good morning America," Neal Karlinsky, ABC news, Denver. Thanks to Neal for that. We're joined by the hero, Mickey Wilson. Thanks for joining us. I know you don't like that word. Great to be here. Thanks for having me. I just did the best I could with what I had. And we saved a life together. Me and all the arapahoe basin employees. Take us back to the moment. You were right behind your fellow skier when you saw this happen? We were riding the chair lift together. Our other friend had to ride up front. When we got off the chair, he wasn't there. And at first, we didn't know what to think. Then we started to hear screams, yells, the chair lift stopped. We went down to investigate. We saw our friend hanging lifelessly from the chair. You tried to make a pyramid? It took about 20, 30 seconds to dawn on us that he was up there dig. The fir thing we tried was to make human pyramid. The three of us and the lift operator. But because of the very deep powder, we just toppled over. It didn't work. Time was of the essence. It was a eureka moment. You're a champion slackliner. You climbed the tower. Sort of rode across the wire. The wire must have been cold. Yeah, um, I actually threw off my gloves. As I was doing it, I didn't -- it was -- I knew I had to do it because I needed to, my full dexterity in my hands to hold on the cable pip have an injured hand. This is the fist with this hand. So I threw off my gloves and it was very cold. But the adrenaline was really pumping. I climbed up the tower. Some people were yelling at me not to. I knew it was what I had to do. I got on the cable like it was a slack line. I slid across it. Just like I have done thousands of times on a slack line. I got down to him and realized I didn't have my knife. I always ski with a knife. Right then, ski patrol showed up. One of the patrolmen made the most perfect toss to me. I caught it with my hurt hand and cut him down. It was a wave of relief. And you have talked to your friend. He's okay? He left the ski area still not in good shape. They took him to St. Anthony's the hospital in Denver. That night, I got a face time call from one of my other friends and the three of them were in the hospital together with him. And he had a next brace on. But he was all smiles and they had taken the tube out of his throat. He was making a full recovery. And yesterday, they released him. It is an amazing story. Mickey Wilson, thank you for joining us. Yeah, thank you. Everything went right. Oh. Wow. I didn't know he had to have the knife thrown to him and to catch it with the bad hand. Wow. It was really something.

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{"duration":"5:07","description":"Mickey Wilson tells \"GMA\" how he rescued a man who got tangled in a chairlift at a Colorado ski resort and was left hanging unconscious from the chairlift.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44594150","title":"Rescuer Describes Saving Man Dangling From Ski Lift","url":"/GMA/video/rescuer-describes-saving-man-dangling-ski-lift-44594150"}