First Responders Deliver Baby on Philadelphia Subway Train

A miracle in the form of a newborn baby and two transit cops marked Christmas for one Philadelphia woman.
2:27 | 12/26/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for First Responders Deliver Baby on Philadelphia Subway Train
We have another special delivery to tell you about now. This one involves a baby, a big surprise for subway riders. First responders stepping in to deliver a baby on a train in Philadelphia and T.J. Is on that story, good morning. Of course a day where people are talking about, really one of the most celebrated burs in history, the most famous birth in history but on Christmas day we got a reminder of those humble beginnings of Jesus. Instead of a mamger and three wise men a subway car and transit cops. It was the Christmas delivery that caught everybody by surprise. Hearing her say, my water broke. Reporter: An expectant mom going into labor Thursday night while riding this Philadelphia subway car. The baby on Christmas on the "L". Couldn't believe it. So I rushed downstairs. Reporter: Daniel Caban was the first on the scene meeting the train as it arrived. Get your gloves on. He had his gloves. You, glove, come on. Reporter: He and his officer, partner Darrell James turned it into a delivery room. It was get in there and help. Reporter: Fellow strap hangers whipping out their smartphones to capture that miraculous moment. Healthy baby boy. Reporter: The impromptu delivery a success. The little bundle of joy seen on the surveillance camera before he and mom were taken to the hospital. Such a joy to see a baby born on a train. Reporter: This morning mom and her surprise gift are both doing well and grateful for those two officers who now have an unforgettable Christmas memory of their own. We delivered a baby for her so it's like her Christmas present but it's also like a blessing and present for myself. Now, those two transit cops say really once they got there, the baby had already decided to come. It was coming out. They didn't want to take too much credit. He said when I got there, I saw the baby's head coming out, he had a few more details, I won't give mere. Thank you for that. The baby was on the way. A technical term, da, da, da -- Just had a little baby boy. Stuff I shouldn't be saying. That kid is going places. Born Christmas day. He's going to be walking on water in a couple of years. Show up at the house with some frankincense and myrhh.

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{"duration":"2:27","description":"A miracle in the form of a newborn baby and two transit cops marked Christmas for one Philadelphia woman.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"27836091","title":"First Responders Deliver Baby on Philadelphia Subway Train","url":"/GMA/video/responders-deliver-baby-philadelphia-subway-train-27836091"}