Retailers May Offer Great Deals for Last-Minute Shoppers

Procrastinators take advantage of "Super Saturday" as some retailers offer discounts to potentially spur on those last-minute purchases.
2:14 | 12/20/15

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Transcript for Retailers May Offer Great Deals for Last-Minute Shoppers
All right, well, you guys, speaking of dollars and cents, if you're one of the pros krast nay or thes, congratulations, your patience has scored you some serious deals. Gloria Riviera is in union station. Reporter: This morning, P procrastinators unite. Five days to sweep up those deals. Nearly 50% of shoppers admitting to purposely cutting it close hoping to get the very best deals. I came last week and there wasn't that many deals as there are today. Reporter: This mom and her 14-year-old daughter on the mission to get the biggest sales of the season under their tree. My older daughter is here as well. When we came here, we went our separate ways zblrp so divide and conquer? Yes. Reporter: Many finding luck with their last-minute shopping strategy. Efg we purchased we got 20% off, 15% off. Charlotte Russe everything is $20 or under. Reporter: With season sales happening in the ten days before Christmas, many retailers adding some extra perks to your last-minute shopping. I was in a long line in bath and body works. Because I was so patient, I was rewarded. Reporter: Showing it pays to wait. The best strategy, I'm not buying anything that's not reduced at least 30%. Reporter: For those who have yet to finish making a Christmas list -- Not a bad idea. We came with a mission and mission accomplished. Reporter: Analysts will be crunching the Numbers to see if this year's super Saturday does more than last year. If you're thinking of heading out there, take note, many people told us for the most part, shoppers are being very courteous where we are. Dan. You know, not shop near Paula Faris, she will dive-bomb with her drone. Marciano, what's cooking -- She's very competitive, no

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{"duration":"2:14","description":"Procrastinators take advantage of \"Super Saturday\" as some retailers offer discounts to potentially spur on those last-minute purchases.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35872271","title":"Retailers May Offer Great Deals for Last-Minute Shoppers","url":"/GMA/video/retailers-offer-great-deals-minute-shoppers-35872271"}