Chef Whips Up Gourmet Meals in Microwave

"Top Chef: All Stars" winner Richard Blais reveals how to prepare incredible meals in minutes.
2:47 | 04/03/13

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Transcript for Chef Whips Up Gourmet Meals in Microwave
♪ The heat is on ♪ microwave, gourmet, microwave. You normally don't see them together. If you're richard blais and won "top chef." You get to say that. The first cookbook with a foldout. Like a noeld centerfold. Every book needs centerfold. Topless spaghetti dinner. Please. Laundry gets expensive so it's a way to combat laundry costs. This cookbook includes recipes for parents on the go. You grew up eating it. I grew up with convenience food and the microwave in particular. It gets a bad rap. It's not the microwave's fault. Most of the time it's theed in ed into food that goes intoit. Five ingredients. And people are intimidated by This is a way to make it easy. Beautiful salmon filets. We'll season with salt and pepper. Love it. People getting excited about salmon. That's what I'm talking about. That's my -- I love that. Some garlic and thyme and olive oil. This is so simple. You know, people are worried when they grill fish or cook it. It can't be that simple. Just throw that in that's ten seconds. A little plastic wrap to cover your microwave safe container and pop it in the micro wave we have on a lazy susan or lazy richard. How long does it go in there for. Two minutes. And you're done. Two minutes. You don't have to do anything else to it. That's amazing. Amy, hand that over. I want to taste that. This is the salmon out of the microwave. One thing about cooking in the microwave you don't have that texture of like a crust so what I've done here is mixed -- I've made my own crust, potato chips so we've just crushed up some potato chips. Lemon. Some dill. And potato chips have a little salt, parsley and mix a little mayonnaise into the mixture. Because you know the fish will come out without that crunch that everybody likes coming out of the oven so this covers that up and makes that happen. Gnaw what we do, take that topping and that sort of -- it's acting as like bread crumbs. Again, just seconds on that. That's our salmon dish. Apple and spinach with bacon, as well. Here, apples cooked in the microwave, wrapped an apple up. Everything is edible. Not only edible but delicious. And then spinach. A little bit of olive oil. I'm making this tonight. It is so -- three courses, five minutes. Did you do anything to the spinach. A little garlic, threw some bacon on it. Throw spinach in the microwave. We tasted the soup and the cake. Bring that microwave back in the kitchen for gourmet food. In stores now. Get the recipe at goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! We'll be right back. Hey guys, thanks for coming.

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{"id":18870183,"title":"Chef Whips Up Gourmet Meals in Microwave","duration":"2:47","description":"\"Top Chef: All Stars\" winner Richard Blais reveals how to prepare incredible meals in minutes.","url":"/GMA/video/richard-blais-recipes-chef-whips-quick-easy-gourmet-18870183","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}