Richard Blais' Signature Twists on Christmas Dishes

The TV chef shares some delicious recipes for your holiday dinner.
3:00 | 12/23/13

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Transcript for Richard Blais' Signature Twists on Christmas Dishes
look at that spread. "Gma" rocking the holidays with our friend, richard blais, whose new show cook your -- let's say buns off. He's here with twists perfect for your christmas table. This is oh, my goodin', my friends are coming over, it's a holiday party and I have no preparation. Were you just listening to me? I was just saying that. I have no food to cook. What do I do? I opened up my fridge. I'm cooking snacks that are already this people's fridges. Swede-ish meatballs. Kind of like swedish meatballs. Onion and garlic. Cook it. Chill it. Add it to our meatball mixture. And I've heard that santa may or may not be somewhere around this set is what I'm hearing. He may or may not. He may will hiding in plain sight. He may have had onion in his beard. Parsley, onions. A good twist of black pepper. Make meatballs out of them. And then we start to sear them. We have the meatballs cooking away. The ricotta go ifs there and gives it that sense of fat. This is all lean meat. How lean can we go? 90%, 99%. What makes them swedish? The sauce. Usually, it's the spices. Right? It's allspice, cardamom. It's the spices that go into it. We'll make the sauce. This is some harisa, a north african condiment that has nothing to do with sweden. We add chile paste to it. These are other snack. Grapes I popped in the oechb on ricotta and toast. How long do you sear it for? A minute or two. Pop fit the oven. And the grapes in the oven sounds treacherous. Leave them on the vine, put it in the oven. On toast with cheese. The olives? Olive with orange juice. And potato chips with caviar. That's how I roll. Your meat balls are so rounded. Mine are so flat. How do you do that? Ment skill. Years and years of my craft. If they're not round, they're not round. They're meat squares. It's all good. They taste good. You can find richard's recipes for all the dishes you just saw and the olives are divine on goodmorningamerica.Com on yaho

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{"id":21308695,"title":"Richard Blais' Signature Twists on Christmas Dishes","duration":"3:00","description":"The TV chef shares some delicious recipes for your holiday dinner.","url":"/GMA/video/richard-blais-signature-twists-christmas-dishes-21308695","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}