Ripped From the Headlines: 'Scandal' Star Tony Goldwyn Says Show Closer to Reality Than You May Think

President Grant opens up about what's next for "Scandal" and why he's ready for Hillary Clinton in 2016.
5:28 | 05/02/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ripped From the Headlines: 'Scandal' Star Tony Goldwyn Says Show Closer to Reality Than You May Think
Hello and welcome to the fine print I'm Jeff Sony today we're joined by the president of the United States -- -- to provide a brief update. No not that one this one for president FitzGerald grant the third from ABC's hit show scandal in the scrutiny. According to -- him and I campaigned -- -- touch me don't touch. Mr. President welcome. So clearly ours. Real -- -- how to -- apparently you see when I do there's big dream huge green screen behind me so that's. Very exciting to actually see the real thing -- played some new rules what was it like playing the president of the United States the thing that struck me when I first started doing it. Is that one always has to keep in mind. That every second of every day. It is. Essentially -- -- -- in crisis -- so it's kind of like trying to find. A sense of grace under fire which this president has in spades. -- -- monitors. It seems like we're just leading their everyday lives on our show in -- for drama -- -- her personal lives. Some of the crisis is on -- show yourself created. I don't know this want to get away with as many I don't that you. There's -- recovered -- -- used to mean he's taking -- murder. Election rigging this super secret organization that is so very powerful that the president sort of controls all these outlandish plot lines. When you reading those are you ever wondering could any of this really happened. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The year before that -- six months for the happened there was -- the camera but this crazy insane storyline. But someone stealing -- secrets and threatening to leave them because he's got evidence in the face by an American citizens but let's Feinstein makes spying on Americans -- is -- -- home couldn't possibly happen you felt like that's outrageous as it seems outlandish but. I think. Some of it might be closer than than we think -- of the end of this last season Olivea did not answer calls. Sure. What should we read in the you -- through -- party on the beach -- it's doubtful. Jake Ballard Ballard -- expect. Drag her back kicking extra innings but I'm -- can affect Georgia is that the only reveal for for the next season. It seeing as I know absolutely nothing -- and you don't know anything when you find out these scripts how we are in advance we find out -- from the day before resourceful and they're under lock and key. The last possible minute -- we -- sit down and read them aloud together. And -- -- really because none of us have a clue what's gonna happen so we have these crazy table -- for every episode world scrimmage coming. Yes -- won reelection Sally Langston -- vice president -- will not be the first woman president in real life back here in front of the White House. How long do you think -- be until there is a woman president. Let's I would say probably I'm just -- couple years and who -- -- dangerous. If you -- things we like to see Hillary Clinton I would supporters. Thousands. That's not Cyprus but I guess not and I apologize in advance for its approaches for being a spoiler surfaced -- it but it's. I know that -- -- no -- told me everything. The upcoming -- you're going to be and I believe it is playing Warren's -- That's I guess somewhat different then president -- and -- an entirely a lot of well sex and voted yes as -- ought to. She's just fascinates. Bizarre character who essentially was the leader of -- -- -- very extreme. Fundamentalist faction of mormons who is in fact nothing like. Program rent like -- he's a guy who is in -- position of extreme power even votes in the small community. So there are connections there it's on a different movie before BS shows scandal you Wear the White House chief of staff an intelligence. There has to be some weight. Keep this information from coming tomorrow. -- -- -- -- -- But he -- more powerful the chief of staff for the president of united. Stage to present students I say that unbiased from violating the president had -- chief of staff exercises enormous power but is there. Mr. Steele -- scandal they are the ones making sausage. We'll help. The -- through -- in his house and -- One more thing as your president Graham pat of all the things you've seen it in the F traditional all White House what is one of the things that you would like to. -- of palate here on that Air Force One or visit the and the big motorcade. I think that my -- Oval Office would be just blossomed. So regular. We have my house just put an Oval Office -- -- I'm feeling -- it is just. -- -- -- -- -- Photograph. Mr. President. Tony thank you very much -- times -- thanks. And that's all for this edition of the fine print for ABC news -- Yahoo! News I'm Jeff felony we'll catch you next time.

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{"duration":"5:28","description":"President Grant opens up about what's next for \"Scandal\" and why he's ready for Hillary Clinton in 2016.","mediaType":"yahoo only","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23572207","title":"Ripped From the Headlines: 'Scandal' Star Tony Goldwyn Says Show Closer to Reality Than You May Think","url":"/GMA/video/ripped-headlines-scandal-star-tony-goldwyn-show-closer-23572207"}