RNC chairwoman reacts to Charlottesville violence, Trump's remarks

Ronna Romney McDaniel speaks to "GMA" about her own reaction to President Trump's remarks that "there is blame on both sides" for the Charlottesville protests and discusses the growing backlash among Republicans.
5:14 | 08/16/17

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Transcript for RNC chairwoman reacts to Charlottesville violence, Trump's remarks
Joining us the chairwoman of the Republican national committee Ronna Romney Mcdaniel. Thanks for being here. Thanks for having me. Reaction from several top Republican, members of his own party, your party as well. Senator Ruben Velasco saying the organizers of events that inspired thexterrorist attack are 100% to blame. They will see 50% of the blame as a win. Jeb Bush, I urge the president to unite the country, not parse the blame and I want to put this up on the screen from former governor Mitt Romney, obviously, your uncle reacting to the president saying there's blame on both sides. No, not the same, he said. One side is racist, bigoted, Nazi. The other opposes racism and bigotry, northerly different universes. Do you agree? The president condemned the white supremacists and kkk and neo-nazis unequivocally. It took 48 hours to to do. He did it and he should have and he did. Our party across the board has said it's unacceptable. We have no place in our party at all for kkk, anti-semitism, race -- racism, bigotry, it has no place in the Republican party. There is no home here. We don't want your vote. We don't support you. We'll speak out against you. The president has said so. The vice president, leaders across our party. This is the beginning of what needs to be a longer conversation. We are seeing this rhetoric ramp up and more violence and need to take a stand against it. You know what I'm asking about here. You heard from youristicle saying this is not the same when you parse the blame. He said one side is racist, bigoted. These are morally different universes. Do you agree? When it comes to charlottesville, the blame lays squarely at the kkk and white supremacists who put together the rally and -- You disagree with the president. I'm saying the president did the right thing condemning it. I'm saying absolutely the events that transpired in charlottesville were initiated by this white supremacist kkk rally. It would not have happened if those people had not come together in hate. And there were peaceful protesters who did the right thing coming out against it. You had the RNC. So how does the Republican party defend then what the president said yesterday in pointing out there were fine people on both sides that both sides should share the blame here. Well, first of all, we have to unequivocally say that the kkk and the white supremacists were wrong. I do think people may have showed up in charlottesville thinking, hey, this is going to be a discussion about whether we remove historic statues, the second they saw Nazi flags, they should have turned. The second you have a Nazi flag or joinings kkk, there is no good there. There is no good kkk member. There's no nice neo-nazi. This is un-american what they're doing and it's going to take bipartisanship to bring people together around unifying this country and the president has called for that. As you know, during the campaign then candidate Donald Trump repeatedly made a promise that he would be able to unite the nation better than Hillary Clinton. He said he was the unifier. I want you to listen to this. I think the thing that will surprise people, I'll be a unifier. I think I'll bring people together and that includes plaques and white and everything. I think people will come together. Do you think what he said yesterday unified the American people? I think condemning white supremacy and kkk and neo-nazism was the first step. Sharing the blame is what he said yesterday. I don't think comparing blame works in this situation because we know what initiated the violence and the death of this young woman whose life was taken too soon. But I do think and I'm going to say this about president trump he is a Republican candidate who came to my state of Michigan during the campaign and campaigned in Detroit in the black churches. You were there just this week but I'm curious, the same people you talked to in Detroit this week how they would react to the former leader of the kkk, David duke, coming out as we reported here and thanking the president for his honesty and his courage yesterday. Oh, I think that makes everybody's stomach turn and I think it makes the president's stomach turn. He has condemned David duke. David duke has nothing to do with the Republican party. He's going to try and get his name into the headlines. That's why we have to condemn him and white supremacy at every level and it will take bipartisanship, leadership coming together to say this is unacceptable. It's not something we want for this country. It's not something I want for my kids. I don't want them seeing this as part of our country's dialogue so we're going to work together and speak out against it. But is something going wrong then when you're getting that have beened by the former head of the kkk. You had senator Marco Rubio who mentioned if you begin assigning blame saying only part of the blame lays with white supremacists there in charlottesville that they'll feel like this is a victory. I don't think David duke is thanking the president for condemning -- which he did, white supremacy. Neothat isicism. To share the blame. He liked what he heard yesterday. The president was saying the violence -- people brought violence from both sides and violence isn't okay but it lays squarely at the kkk and neo-nazis who brought this rally and pushing hate across this country. Chairwoman Mcdaniel, I thank you for your time this morning. Thank you for having me.

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{"duration":"5:14","description":"Ronna Romney McDaniel speaks to \"GMA\" about her own reaction to President Trump's remarks that \"there is blame on both sides\" for the Charlottesville protests and discusses the growing backlash among Republicans.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"49245516","title":"RNC chairwoman reacts to Charlottesville violence, Trump's remarks","url":"/GMA/video/rnc-chairwoman-reacts-charlottesville-violence-trumps-remarks-49245516"}