Toronto Mayor's TV Show to Debut Amid Scandal

Rob Ford vows to fight city council's stripping some of his powers as his new TV show airs.
2:24 | 11/18/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Toronto Mayor's TV Show to Debut Amid Scandal
Now, the latest bizarre twist for toronto's mayor, rob ford. His saga just keeps growing. And his new tv show set to launch tonight. Linsey davis has the latest. Reporter: Despite all the action on the field, this was the play that caused quite a stir in the stadium. Even though the league's commissioner asked him to stay away, rob ford showed up at the canadian football league mayoff game, jersey and all, greeted by cheers and jeers. This woman hoisting a sign mocking the mayor. On saturday, that mockery had a larger audience. ♪ I'm the best mayor in the world ♪ Reporter: Nbc's "saturday night live" created a few laughs at ford's expense. In recent weeks, the mayor of canada's largest city admitted to smoking crack. Then lewd comments in a live press conference while denies he propositioned a former employee for a sexual act. I used unfor givable language. And again, I apologize. Reporter: He's making no apologies for trying the stay in office even after it was voted to strip him of his mayoral powers. The motion carries, 49-3. Reporter: He vowed not to go down without a fight. I can't support this. I have no other options but to challenge it in court. Reporter: In an interview with fox news, he said he's getting professional help. I've admitted to using illegal drugs in the last year. I've admitted to drinking too much. I'm dealing with it. Reporter: In between apologieses and public appearances, he's been taping his new television show, ford nation, set to debut in canada tonight. I want to thank my supporters for sticking with me. I guarantee you're going the see a change in the next few months. Reporter: There are new reports that right before losing some of his mayoral powers, he gave everyone in his office a $5,000 raise. Later today, the city council is expected to pass another motion that would slash his budget and grant the deputy mayor most of the power. Robin? Thank you. And you knew "saturday night live" was going to go there. Time now for the weather again. Back out to ginger zee in

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{"id":20922401,"title":"Toronto Mayor's TV Show to Debut Amid Scandal","duration":"2:24","description":"Rob Ford vows to fight city council's stripping some of his powers as his new TV show airs.","url":"/GMA/video/rob-ford-crack-smoking-toronto-mayor-stars-tv-20922401","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}