Rob Gronkowski Appears Live on 'GMA' Before the Big Game

The New England Patriots player appears on the show before the Super Bowl.
3:57 | 02/03/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Rob Gronkowski Appears Live on 'GMA' Before the Big Game
who I have. New England patriots tight end rob Gronkowski. And he won't be taking the field this Sunday with his teammates. You have your back injury. How are you feeling. I am feeling good. Everything is smooth. I wish I was out there with my boys but they're working hard, I'm super pumped for them. You were there two years ago on the field. Everyone remembers. What is going through your teammates' mines. Everyone is just getting ready. You got to prepare like every other week, give it all you got preparing their bodies mentally and physically so super excited and everyone is excited around that locker room. Robin, have you finished eating your tater tots. I know you have a question. How did you know I was here eating my tater tots? Busted. I know you. Hey, you know, my man, I follow you on Instagram. And you've been posting some pictures. What was the one of your basketball pictures or something like that and said we should not find your baseball one. Why should we not find that because we'll go for the search. We'll search for it. Oh, man, I had -- I'm actually basketball in high school was my favorite sport, had a blast. Dunking all over the place. That's all we would try to do, the point guards and I having to dunk in high school was like scoring a touchdown in the super bowl so we had a blast then the baseball photos with my brothers, we had -- we were just always so silly in high school. We made silly bio, all our friends and everything so it was a lot of fun back in the days having all your friends on the team. Your brothers, your brothers' friends so we had a blast in high school and every sports team, basketball, football and baseball. We all talk about these commercial, the super bowl ad, Gronk was in one. We have one of the bonus spots. You were in with and take a look. It speaks for itself. How are you doing. I have a shirt. Oh. Man, you got that great face and look, had a wardrobe change. What do you call this look. This is the full Gronk look right here. We got the half Gronk. We got the full Gronk and we got the no Gronk look at grofshg's cleaners but always going to be a better way. Jeffrey was getting time patient when I kept going back and forth with that but we had a blast doing the commercial. A lot of fun but there's always a better way coming soon not just ripping off your sleeves. That's good. You guys like the look? Yeah. Like it? Aaagh. I'm with you. Love that. Hey, Gronk, aren't you going to school our girl Amy a little bit. Don't you have a little lesson for Amy? Yes, I got to teach Amy the Gronk -- you got to take your hand and full hand grip. Right over the Roger Goodell so no one can, you know, see that. Boom. Yeah. And, boom, you just -- want to spike it on the belly of ball. Just throw it on the ground. Yes. Wind up make sure the belly -- Here we go. Watch out, everyone. I'm not scared. Camera shot. Camera shot. Nice job. Thank you. All right.

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{"id":45235901,"title":"Rob Gronkowski Appears Live on 'GMA' Before the Big Game","duration":"3:57","description":"The New England Patriots player appears on the show before the Super Bowl. ","url":"/GMA/video/rob-gronkowski-appears-live-gma-ahead-big-game-45235901","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}