30 Years In The Making: Robert Duvall's New Film

The Oscar winning star reveals why it took so long to get this one on the screen.
9:50 | 06/06/14

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Transcript for 30 Years In The Making: Robert Duvall's New Film
That -- yours. You live in Hampton can. -- makes a difference here mr. -- you'll see. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- go retailing community Moscow. If you dam and. -- thing and advances. -- And I want when I want -- -- Legal wonderful legal and they think WOK yeah. -- I -- -- Good yeah. Fire everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn where we tell you what is happening at the movies and there's a hell of -- movie right now called a night in old Mexico. I can tell you what it's about and you'll see a scene from what it's about but why should when I've got the start the movie Robert -- right here. Great to see -- -- is -- having you -- out so now this is one of those movies that. You started working on -- a year ago but how long ago. -- many years ago. Bill will that the wonderful Texas writer he started writing in thirty years ago. And through the years different people wounded director do you think yes -- Denis cop who's -- directive twelve years ago would then we had a French guy that was good -- now we. A new Arab down from Spain brought the money himself -- knowledge expertise and we -- in southeast Texas. Finally it was you it was either now or never. But some you know bill Willis a wonderful writer but he was very particular in certain of these demands. And it was very good about working with him at times -- its -- years. He was gonna pull the plug. A week before the show for whatever reasons technical things Fleischer -- -- and one of the producers did you tell witness. And if he pulls the plug on this movie would be more disappointing for me as a man in bed four rebel we lose -- -- it. Well tell the people who don't know anything yet what this movie is about what it is and who you play well I -- it's about a guy. Who living his -- about law and a very lonely way because his wife left -- years ago and his son left in. And he just existing. And and on the given -- his -- was taken away from -- in a full closure. Finished whose life is about to fall apart in the fight at that moment that he has a grandson and he never knew. So he doesn't what -- should get his Cadillac. And -- to Mexico to see what happens. But there's also something about him that he doesn't run away from a fight. Or what it is he believes in does even when he's down there and these guys have taken a -- There's they got guns they're dangerous. Who gets up there and he's going to write that. Absolutely -- -- he believed in. He believes -- standing his ground. And that -- -- who have man you know that that -- you know what's mine is mine gonna take everything away from the united and take me away from me. Well when movies started free. And to me the first time I remembered you in a movie is too much that was my first one that's who -- Horton Foote. Yet board but he's also working well with few of the year the airport I've sent a letter recently to the Coppola. I -- when I was starting you and you and Horton -- helped me with my career by certain parts and Allan thank you for that you know back then you know. They were like that -- -- mentors but kind of them and that they. -- -- certain parts they offer you know and that it was nice. But you have done so many catchers that I think in the Guinness book of records they -- you on the world's most versatile. Oh I sighed and an equitable because -- I mean you've put hate everyone from -- Bradley to a series of cowboys to military guys like Great -- You know. And when I played -- and on TV. I understand it -- -- -- -- father. Who had worked eight times on to stop Clinton in my performance and when you can't get a better critical that you that that's the reviews I didn't even once in -- -- favorite. Who knows don't need any of that all one I -- Cuban barber one time -- Richard Harris understanding Cuba they accepted what I did. I work very hard the accident. So I try to do different parts. There was -- parts at a -- That may be the offered me I can't do. But I tried to gravitate do the part that I figure that could do we know they would different from. The obvious to me and he. What do you remember those times of not the way the movie turned down but the making them when you first doing the godfather -- -- Tom hate. What are your memories that. We moved each other and then when he tells C Milan and yet -- needs are greatest that's the guy -- as the moon well now we all did brilliantly all added I was doing around everybody did and Jimmy counties in his funny guy he would. -- brand to a joke. Yet brand it would have to count three before you get Jimmy -- Could not get. We had good times you can brandy had he read these lines he was a match that you do that. So we change -- I'll make you. If and in -- -- come on guys we gotta be -- issues but you know. Coppola knew that that all meant a relaxation on this it will -- about -- -- and -- are doing Apocalypse -- Where we all see you smelling a pop in the morning you can't do people come up he still and residents and yes they do. A -- is in the Philippines and figure them -- And it was like the middle of nowhere -- people good Angel like it was war war to -- what way jungles. One that comes of the mister Heckman. I love you volume was -- value pop white Russian and I'm Robert divulged all all you might favor a -- Inability no way to -- -- eight. That was essentially doing but today I didn't like four weeks and had to put England do so messed up -- translators. Who drew the first half of think -- went on months and months and months it. -- that was the movie that seemed to go. Was too nice work and it can we -- bodies were and that we stayed with families. And was hot water but -- you know was nice that we knew very. Hospitable to people by opening homes to us we stayed there and it was it was very nice working -- And these nice ladies with a with their big knives -- -- Make a bamboo which -- -- stadium. -- it was very nice. Well you've been nominated what six times maybe and you want for -- -- did. No I've wanted to give -- my own Oscar for the apostle of thing. You know disrespect to Jack Nicholson and -- that is he gets. That movie. Was spectacular that I had federation one we're here from the -- Some people didn't get -- but many did. -- -- that Billy Graham liked it. From the equities side I got a letter -- Marlon Brando. The secular side he liked like got a from -- And I like the idea that -- sent the letter like the immutable beautifully -- the nice thing that yet. We and bishop in song oh I want reminds you what you -- for -- the last it's -- this it was a little bit of the song. Even heard. You ever -- across. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Can go wrong waved. I had no idea that Irish would come. But I thought I'd like to do Mexicali roads -- bridges goes beautifully the bitterness at the end. You expect but okay -- my brother -- -- but I just I like to sing country on my -- I'm not really is what he did it. For everybody intend to merged -- -- did you say well -- back -- -- yeah. They wanted to bring somebody and do -- accident -- announcing an old saying. My own dancing in my own -- ship in movies I had system and no one's gonna -- she won that event but with -- -- have a -- who reports. Really have to have a bomb proof for what does that mean I don't do it is. One of -- and it does nothing. -- -- Hopefully -- death. I don't come through -- about our Bob's going off -- what exactly that have become I can remember people if you want to do them Robert Duvall. Bomb reports yes -- thank you created that is a wonderful thing yet.

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{"id":24027255,"title":"30 Years In The Making: Robert Duvall's New Film","duration":"9:50","description":"The Oscar winning star reveals why it took so long to get this one on the screen.","url":"/GMA/video/robert-duvall-interview-2014-night-mexico-30-years-24027255","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}