Robin Roberts Christens New Goodyear Blimp in Ohio

Sara Haines reports the latest news in the Pop News Heat Index.
2:57 | 08/24/14

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Transcript for Robin Roberts Christens New Goodyear Blimp in Ohio
It's been -- it's been a heavy and busy morning. I think to lighten the mood, let's do a little "Pop news" with Sara Haines. What makes you think this is going to be light? And topping "Pop news" this morning, a member of our own "Gma" family, robin Roberts on an adventure in Ohio. She has the honor of christening good year's newest blimp, wing foot 1. She NOPD for the maiden flight. Her ties to Goodyear and Akron go way back. Her great-grandfather and her xwrandfather work frd the company and she says she might have become a pilot if this whole broadcasting thing didn't work out. Aren't you supposed to bang it? Not a blimp. A dirigible. The hindenberg. Too soon for that? I don't know. That's a tough one. They say the am doesn't fall far from the tree. Here's some proof. Tiger woods' niece, Cheyenne, posted this video of her spoofing her uncle's famous video. Nice move. I think her uncle is impressed. I can't get over how great her shoes look. I get distracted by sparkly things. Was she doing something? Because I just noticed her shoes. Springing a surprise trip to Disney is bound to bowl your kids over for sure. Sometimes it takes less than that. Maybe a quick ride across town. Chuck E. Cheese? Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh! We're going? This girl's reaction is priceless. Grandma planned a special mystery night for her grandkids. When they found out what that meant, they couldn't wait to hit the arcades. Paula says she has a similar response to chuck E. Cheese's when she goes. We go probably once a week. A little too often. And mom is the one freaking out. I actually enjoy it. Not as much as that girl. Not as much as that girl, no. They have a new method for the pizza. Now I enjoy it. The direct way to Paula's heart. A couple is sharing their way of solving squirrel problems. The hungry critter wouldn't stop raiding the bird feeder. They headed it with an uncommon collusion. They used a little nontoxic vaseline. To create their very own slip and slide.

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{"duration":"2:57","description":"Sara Haines reports the latest news in the Pop News Heat Index.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"25101845","title":"Robin Roberts Christens New Goodyear Blimp in Ohio","url":"/GMA/video/robin-roberts-christens-goodyear-blimp-ohio-25101845"}