Robin Roberts' Recovery: Road Back to 'GMA'

A look at Robin's long journey back to her "Good Morning America" post.
1:54 | 02/20/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Robin Roberts' Recovery: Road Back to 'GMA'
All of the goodies. Your doctors are here, we want to talk to them. First, we want to give you a look back at all it took for robin to be here today. All right. Reporter: Robin's top job, regaining her strength. I know my former teammates at southeastern like this go, two? Two pounds? That's it? That's it. But it's one more pound than i did last time. They did say one before. Now, they say two. Reporter: She's been working with her medical team and yoga instructor ever since her transplant to keep her recovery on track. I love how much stronger i feel. I love it. So exciting. Reporter: And here at "gma," we're doing our part to be ready for her, starting with voluntary staff flu shots. This is for robin. Otherwise, there would be no flu shot. Reporter: And a clean workspace. See the bright lights, times square, already. Reporter: Under doctors orders, in late january, robin did rehearsal in the studio, exposing herself to a large group of people and bright studio lights for the first time since last august. Now, her doctors would discover if she was strong enough to return to work. Like butter. When you go through something like this, you either be fearful or fearless. And I choose to be the ladder. This is my med slip. It used to be two pages long. And look. Rorter: And at this doctor's appointment, there was nothing to fear. The news could not be better. When can I go back in the

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{"id":18545085,"title":"Robin Roberts' Recovery: Road Back to 'GMA'","duration":"1:54","description":"A look at Robin's long journey back to her \"Good Morning America\" post.","url":"/GMA/video/robin-roberts-recovery-road-back-gma-18545085","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}