Robin Roberts Surprised by Her Former Nurses on 'Harry'

Lara Spencer reports the buzziest stories of the day in "GMA" Pop News
3:33 | 10/28/16

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Transcript for Robin Roberts Surprised by Her Former Nurses on 'Harry'
"Pop news" here and robin was not with us yesterday. Why? Because she joined Harry Connick on his talk show. The hour-long show was dedicated to nurses and Harry gave robin a very big surprise. He brought on robin's caregiver, nurse Jenny and Antonia and she did not miss the opportunity to express her gratitude for those women who cared for robin during her 30-day hospital stay. I want to talk to you, robin. But, first, America, take a look. Thank you. Thank you for being our life line. Thank you for being not only there for us but for our care givers, for our loved ones. We know and as we aid earlier, unsung hero, not today. So special for Harry to do that and the whole audience was full of nurses from all around the country. It's -- hmm. No one ever talks about what nurses do. And in your case you were very open with Harry about -- it got dark for you, 30 long days and they really lifted you up in every way. Can we give a shoutout to Harry Connick and his new show. How much fun is his show. Playing music. A great guy. Wonderful man. A lot of people don't talk about nurses but you do and we appreciate you doing it. Yep, I was happy to share that with everybody. Appreciate that. Harry, best of luck. Makes up for what you said earlier. I speak the truth, robin Roberts. You did laugh. Yesterday on the show we talked -- that was a real one. I was busy yesterday. I missed it. Up next in "Pop news." You know I love a good bargain. Hoping to find a giant log cabin have I got a deal for you. The world's largest log cabin was listed last year, oh $40 million surprisingly they couldn't find a buyer so they've reduced the price on this wooden wonderland to just 19-5. A massive reduction. The chalet was completed in 1923. It has 50 rooms including 23 bedrooms. 13 bathrooms. 23 bedrooms? It is really spectacular. The pictures are incredible. If you have a chance look online. It is a beautiful feat. It took four years to build it. 400 builders and $500 million, guys, and that was back in 1923. Did a little math. That would be over $70 million today. So it's a good deal at 19.5 million. All your. If you were to live all the way up in Marquette, Michigan on lake superior. I won't outbid you for it. Great "Gma" retreat. Yeah. In our fantasies. Little football for you, Strahan. Seattle Seahawks quarterback Richard Sherman answered questions at his press conference fully dressed in Harry potter gear. Oh, boy. Football is pretty tough but quidditch, you know, the beaters, the chasers, you know, trying to find the golden snitch like that that's tough. Five quarters of football, though, in the elements, I'd say that would take the cake. Took the cake but tougher than quidditch. I mean, this was -- What's the big deal? He always dresses like that. He did that for his son for his little boy and he got a new fan of the Seahawks author J.K. Rowling responded tweeting did I mention I'm a Seahawks fan? I am. Don't ask me anybody else except for Sherman. That's "Pop news." I like that. Good week of "Pop news." Thank you. Great job on Harry Connick. Thank you.

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{"duration":"3:33","description":"Lara Spencer reports the buzziest stories of the day in \"GMA\" Pop News","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"43129211","title":"Robin Roberts Surprised by Her Former Nurses on 'Harry'","url":"/GMA/video/robin-roberts-surprised-nurses-harry-43129211"}