Robin Thicke Preemptively Fights Potential Copyright Claim

Singer asks judge to determine that song "Blurred Lines" does not copy Marvin Gaye, George Clinton.
3:08 | 08/17/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Robin Thicke Preemptively Fights Potential Copyright Claim
I can't help but dance when i hear it. It's the catchiest tune of the summer. The one you can't stop dancing to, but now robin thicke is ready to battle it out over blurred lines. He says it's clearly an original work, but concerned about others who appear to be seeing a different tune. We have the details. Good morning, there have been all sorts of music lawsuits over the years. Remember nap stir? This song could set a new precedent in the music world. Robin thicke's blurred lines has been raising eyebrows over the sexy music video. Now the song is at the center of a new legal battle over claims that this, sounds too much like this -- ♪ marvin gaye's got to give it up. Artists have been sued before for borrowing, but they're taking marvin gayes estate to court, shooting down that it copies his song, and the tune by george clinton as well. It's earlier to see if this move is going to help or not, but it's an interesting and intelligent tactic. Vanilla ice may disagree after being sued before cribbing the hook from under pressure. He gave a spirited defense in the mtv news interview. It's not the same baseline. ♪ ours goes -- ♪ that little bitty tune. Okay, but that didn't fly with the original band members. Ice forked over royalties to avoid a trial and said it cost him more than 4 million bucks. He says he has been inspired by gaye, but you can't own a sound. Gaye defendants are claiming ownership of a gen reas to oposed to one. We reached out to the lawyers. I remember vanilla ice. This is actually a serious legal issue. And where do you draw the line between being inspired and stealing it from a legal standpoint? One of the legal access is did you have access? He was inspired. It's a subjective test. There are a lot of legal questions about similarities that a court would have to review. But it's going to be very interesting because robin thicke has taken it to court to get it cleared up now. Obviously it's the song of the summer. Everyone, maybe in court they'll be dancing too. Yeah. Coming up, the price is

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{"id":19989444,"title":"Robin Thicke Preemptively Fights Potential Copyright Claim","duration":"3:08","description":"Singer asks judge to determine that song \"Blurred Lines\" does not copy Marvin Gaye, George Clinton.","url":"/GMA/video/robin-thicke-preemptively-fights-potential-copyright-claim-19989444","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}