Rocking With the Radio City Rockettes

ABC News' Ginger Zee goes backstage with a Rockette who is also a mother of three.
2:28 | 12/25/15

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Transcript for Rocking With the Radio City Rockettes
For any working parents the holidays are a challenging time but for one group of working moms, this season is especially difficult to balance and I know you have that for us, ginger. Talking about the group the rockettes. They are women who dance four shows a day up to six days a week all while also playing mom. Well, some of them and I spent the day with run rockette who has three little ones and gave me advice on how to get a leg up on the work/life balance. Want this one? Reporter: Like working moms the world over, Nicole baker is forever trying to balance the needs of her kids with career demands and never does the mom of three work harder to balance it all than now, the holidays are her busiest season. It's when she really kicks things into high gear. Literally. As a radio city rockette. You are a mom and a rockette. Yes. When you tell people that, or at least they know you as mom and find out you're a rockette, what is their response? They're shocked and can't believe I'm still dancing after having three kids. Reporter: She is one of three current rockettes also moms and performed while ten weeks pregnant and reported to rehearsal few as three weeks after giving birth. I think of rockettes as like a different character. The men I get off the stage I'm Nicole, the mom and make their lumps and clean up if I need to and get them red I. ? Reporter: Being a rockette isn't easy. Rockettes dancing up to four shows a day as many as six days a week changing clothes more than three times in a 12-hour period often transforming from one look to another in a matter of seconds go squish it down on your head. I have a big head. We'll make it work then we wear these little cheeks that -- Ah. It's just tape you put on your face. Perfect. The best blush I've ever had. Nicole says she's well aware not so long ago women were forced to choose between career and family so her ability to be a mom without having to hang up her dance shoes, well, it's not something she takes for granted. I don't want to give up. Types are changing. It's extremely exciting. Reporter: Her family couldn't be prouder. She was born to be a mother. She was born to be a dancer. It's part of her spirit. Reporter: And this dancing mom couldn't be happier. I always wanted to be a mom and performer so I never gave up. It's definitely possible. The radio city Christmas spectacular is playing now through January 3rd. Always a great show. I already saw it once. Whiching to see it again. Thanks, ginger.

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{"duration":"2:28","description":"ABC News' Ginger Zee goes backstage with a Rockette who is also a mother of three.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35949850","title":"Rocking With the Radio City Rockettes","url":"/GMA/video/rocking-radio-city-rockettes-35949850"}