Roger Federer wins record-setting 8th Wimbledon title

Federer defeated Marin Cilic in straight sets to become both the oldest man to win at the All-England Club and the winningest man in Wimbledon's history.
2:34 | 07/17/17

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Transcript for Roger Federer wins record-setting 8th Wimbledon title
Beautiful story. Thanks. The action at wimbledon. Roger Federer making his case for best pro ever by winning a record-setting eighth title and weeks shy of his 36 birthday no signs he's showing down and T.J. Here with that amazing story. Good morning, like fine alpine wine, this guy gets better with age. Now the oldest man to ever win a title at wimbledon and he won this tournament without dropping a single set. Now he's been known to break down his opponents but that doesn't explain why his opponent yesterday was crying uncontrollably midmatch. It's another one for the ageless wonder. Reporter: Roger Federer is now the men's wimbledon champ for the record eighth time. I always believed that I could maybe come back and do it again. Reporter: His opponent Marin cilic was gunning for his first wimbledon win and opened the first set on the attack. But that didn't last long. Federer showed why he is a 19-time grand slam winner. While cilic showed signs of distress. Cilic is imploding. Reporter: A fall in the second set then a stunning moment courtside. The crowd watched in shocked silence while cilic cried uncontrollably. We've seen tears going down the big man's face. It almost liked like he's hyperventilat hyperventilating. Reporter: As a doctor and trainer rushed by his side. I think he's upset because something is hurting to the point where he doesn't think he can continue to play. Reporter: This went on for nearly three minutes. It was later revealed cilic had a severe blister and knew his championship dreams were shatter sfwld my mind was all the time with the pain and tough for me to focus. Reporter: Federer now the oldest to win in the 170-year history and paused to appreciate the moment. It is cruel sometimes but he fought well and he is a hero so congratulations on a wonderful tournament, Marin and you should be really proud. Again, cilic just overcome because he knew he didn't have a chance after working for this moment and you knew who was there, the royal box, check them out. The Royals, the duke and duchess there checking it out looking cool as of and the moment afterwards they greet Federer and he got some love from the duchess. A couple of kisses on the cheek so always a fun time and good to see who is there. No pics of the two sets of twins. What do you want from me? Only gave him 20 seconds. Thanks for that, T.J.

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{"id":48676345,"title":"Roger Federer wins record-setting 8th Wimbledon title ","duration":"2:34","description":"Federer defeated Marin Cilic in straight sets to become both the oldest man to win at the All-England Club and the winningest man in Wimbledon's history.","url":"/GMA/video/roger-federer-wins-record-setting-8th-wimbledon-title-48676345","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}