Ron Claiborne Races a Bunny on Obstacle Course

Wacky competition asks contestants to navigate a rabbit through several obstacles.
3:00 | 10/27/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ron Claiborne Races a Bunny on Obstacle Course
brought to you by t eshtempupedic. Don't go anywhere, ron. The cutest sport ever and one you probably have never heard of, rabbit hopping. Bunnies bouncing around. This week it's the whackiest competition you'll see and also very adorable. Ron went to check it out. You were brave to do this. Thank you very much. This story goes back a couple of years ago. When I got a letter from iowa. Talking me about the pourp larty of rabbit hopping. A big rabbit hopping event in harrisburg. I went there to meet her in person and see her in action. I ended up part of that action. Hi. Hi. You're cassandra. Nice to meet you. Finall we meet. Cas sandra, now 13, a competition for a bevy of bunnies. She's been raising racing rabbits on her family farm since she was 6, she offered to let me run dash. The day before the big race, she gave me a few pointers in the fine art of rabbit hopping. Don't pull it too tight. Why is he not going? Go. Come here. Why is he not going? Believe me, it's even harder than it looks. The next day the battle of the bunnies. Ready to race? Yeah, and they're off. And now, cassandra and brock were up. It seems brock wasn't in a hopping mood and finally, my turn, to dash with dash. I know. Don't quit my day job. It was very difficult, actually, you know, did better in practice than in real life. Did you strain your back at all? That looked like that could be uncomfortable. By the way, I got an award. Eat your heart out, dan harris. You don't have one of these. She's really into it. Very cute. That was a great story. You made my morning, ron claiborne. It's going on the front. He is the man.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Wacky competition asks contestants to navigate a rabbit through several obstacles.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20694840","title":"Ron Claiborne Races a Bunny on Obstacle Course","url":"/GMA/video/ron-claiborne-races-bunny-obstacle-20694840"}